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    Plastic Pipes Under Plasterboard

    Hi all, I’m currently working on my own extension and am about to dot and dab the walls. I understand that building regs say that these pipes should be detectable. Any suggestions how this should/can be done please. I’ve put metallic tape behind them but holding a piece of plasterboard over the...
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    Fixing Laminated Shower Wall Panels

    Hi good people, I'm just about to install laminated wall panels to a shower enclosure. The plan is to use the supplied adhesive to blue the panels to moisture resistant plasterboard which is always in place. A friend has just suggested I give the plasterboard a cost of SBR before doing so. Just...
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    Shower Identification

    Hi All, Would any of you clever people be able to identify the shower make (and model if poss) from the attached picture? It is in a friends bathroom, in a flat built around 2000, and apparently it seems most of the estate has the same one! As you can see it has come away from the wall and...
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    Plaster Priming Error!

    Hi Guys, Believe it or not I'd normally consider myself a fairly competent DIYer/decorator but............ After an awful lot of careful prep work I've just applied a mist coat to a ceiling and one wall of our lounge which has just been re-plasterboarded and skimmed with Thistle Multi Finish(2...