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    Zanussi cooker ZKG5540

    Hi when the oven gets hot the timer on my cooker goes wonky. The clock goes to 12:00 and although this doesn't matter when I'm using the top oven, if I'm using the bottom oven it switches itself off sometimes. Can I fix it myself? If I need a repairman how much is it likely to cost? Thanks
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    Weird volume control

    Hi please help. My tele is connected to my hi fi for better sound. All of a sudden the volume started turning up really loud and all though you could turn it down with the remote as soon as you took your finger off the -volume button the volume went straight back up really loud. My son leant me...
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    2way lighting

    We are replacing an old broken light switch cover. It has two switches on it and one of the switches is a two way switch the other is a one way switch. (2 way for the landing light and 1 way for the bathroom light). The old switch has two holes at the top on both sides and two holes at the...