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    Vaillant Ecotec Pro 28 Water only Lukewarm, HELP!

    Hi, We had a new Vaillant Ecotec Pro 28 combi booiiler fitted about 15 months ago. It worked perfectly until a couple of weeks ago. Two weeks ago the water temperature seemed to be getting lower. Turning the comfort mode on or off doesn't effect the overall temperature out of the tap. It...
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    Service Manual For Vaillant Turbomax VUW 242/1e

    Hi, I've been looking all over the internet but can't get a service manual for this boiler. I've managed to find one for the VUW 242E but nothing for the VUW 242/1e. I have noticed that some parts |(like the main gas solenoid) are different on the two boilers. I'd really appreciate it if...
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    Vaillant Turbomax VUW 242 1/e Not Firing! HELP!!!

    Hi, My old bolier a VUW 242 Turbomax 1/e has stopped firing today. Just checking to see if anyone has any ideas on it as most people are not that familiar with these older boilers any more. Any help/ideas/suggestions will be highly appreciated. When I switch on the bolier, the green power on...
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    Vaillant TURBOMAX ignition indicator light coming on!

    After being completely let down by a young newly qualified RGI who was a good friend I have been left to search the forums for assistance. Please help. I have a Vaillant Turbomax VUW 242/1E that is not behaving as it should. It had two faults, one being a leak. This was sorted out by my friend...