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    Infrequent Noise

    We sometimes get a fairly loud groan type noise when our central heating kicks in. Its only brief and only seems to happen when the hot water side of the system is on too. I did think sticky mid position valve but this was replaced less than 2 years ago by British Gas Any thoughts?
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    Garden Light

    I have just purchased a LED flood and PIR to use as a security light in our garden. I was planning to power it from a RCD socket on the ring main in the garage. What I would like to know is what type of cable should I use to go from the socket in the garage to the light fitting? Hoping...
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    Insulating / Warming Conservatory

    Looking for tips / ideas to help keep our conservatory warm.
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    Insulating UPVC Porch

    We have just moved into a house that has a UPVC porch on the front. I know they are really meant o tact as a buffer to keep warm air in the house and cold air out, but ours is ridiculously cold. I there anything I can do to improve the situation? The porch has double glazed panels at the...
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    Even if we leave our windows open on the latch at night we end up with a quite a bit of condensation on the inside of the windows in the morning. Could anyone suggest away of dealing with this. Is it possible to make / buy some kind of moisture trap?
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    Slippery Decking

    Just wondered if anyone had any tips for either stopping my wooden decking icing over or for how to cope when it does? Thanks
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    Outisde Light

    I am looking to install an outside light and am looking for advice on the easiest way to get power to it. At present there is no power run in for the light. The closest power is a 13A socket. Can I use this if I put an RCD or Fused Connection Unit on it? Or do I need to take it from the...
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    Sound Proofing

    I live in a 1960s Mid-Terrace house and have a real problem with noise from one of my neighbours. Can anyone recommend a cheap and easy method of adding some sound proofing to my walls to cut out some of the noise? Thanks Martin