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    Supports for an extractor housing

    Hello everyone Whats the best way to make 'supports' for an extractor housing. They will be decorative only, the top of the support is already fitted. I've attached a pic ... Regards
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    Kitchen/Bathroom paint

    Hello I think I might have made yet another balls up... I just bought 3 tins of crown kitchen paint in 'soft steel'. I've only put one coat (one tins)on so far and the colour is not right. I was expecting a grey, but it's lilac!!! Can I put a different colour matt emulsion (non kitchen...
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    Ceiling/Walls joins looks terrible

    Hello everyone We had a plasterer lined up who let us down last minute.... so we attempted it ourselves. :roll: Surprisingly, the walls look pretty good and the ceiling will (with filler/sand) BUT the joins between the wall and ceiling look seriously rubbish!!!! If coving was going up...
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    Self adhesive tiles onto concrete floor

    Hello everyone I was planning to lay self adhesive vinyl tiles onto a level concrete floor (or will be level when I put the levelling compound on it) Will the tiles stick securely? Should I use additional adhesive, if so, what kind? Regards