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    wiring thermostat

    Hi, i have bought a programmable digital thermostat to replace an old turn dial one and wasnt sure about the wiring with it being 2 wire connection.The second picture is how its wired now with the turn dial thermostat and third is how it shows to wire it for a combi but i am adding it as well as...
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    Lights wiring problem

    Hi, there is an issue with the lights in our corridor that has been present since buying the house some time ago.There are 3 lights and 3 switches, the problem is that the 1st switch needs to be on for the others to work, and if you switch it off at either of the other switches the 1st light...
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    render with sbr

    Hi, I need to repair some render at the bottom of my garage wall, it's not a lot so I just bought three 10kg buckets of sand and cement mortar mix, the kind you just add water to.As the reason I am doing it is that I am having problems with water ingress someone told me to get some sika sbr.My...
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    fire valve reset

    Hi, does anyone know if this valve is reset by pushing in or pulling out the bit underneath, thanks.
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    Hi, just finishing getting my 200l 3hp compressor going and at the moment its on a 3 pin plug.What are the options of upgrading, ie the power sockets in the garage are part of a ring main for the sockets in downstairs of the house on a 32amp mcb, can i just change the 3 pin socket for a 16 amp...
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    boiler making no effort to fire

    Hi, woke up this morning and there was no hot water or heating, water was lukewarm so i think the boiler had been running this morning and cut out for some reason, the boiler had also lost about 1/2 a bar of pressure.When i try to turn on the heating the pump runs but it does not even make an...
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    boiler refil problem.

    Hi, got a bit of a problem here, drained down the oil combi boiler to fit a new expansion vessel and refilled to 1 bar, set it to just hot water and let it run to heat th storage tank after five minutes the pressure started rising quite quickly and it switched off.The pressure continued to rise...
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    vent in bedroom

    Hi, we have a problem with green mould appearing on the furniture in the bedroom and mould growing on things left under the bed as the door is left shut all day to prevent our 4 cats making a mess.I was wondering if it could be down to lack of air movement as it seems worst in one corner so i...
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    extending window sills for exterior wall insulation.

    Hi, we will be getting exterior wall insulation done in the next few weeks months and as it is free on a government initiative as far as i am aware there is no choice on the sills apart from a white plastic oversill, i am not keen on these so was thinking about extending the 3 front sills in...
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    tile adhesive

    Anyone got suggestions for wall tile adhesive for 600x400x12 tiles that are porcelain with a marble face these they will be going onto plasterboard.
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    kitchen revamp

    Hi, we have taken the kitchen cupboard doors off and are going to fit mdf to them to make the kitchen shaker look but now i have found that my girlfriend plans to paint them in high gloss, i assumed that we would be painting them in satin or a matt finish, i think this is a mistake and that...