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    Backfilling a disused chimney

    Hello I need advice on what best medium to backfill a chimney? Leca? Because the chimney stack is in poor condition and will be removed and tiled over so obviously the chimney would need to be filled with a medium to avoid condensation problems because there won't be any ventillation...
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    wood pellet boilers

    Hello all, I am considering installing a wood pellet boiler to work alongside with a solar water heating (3 panels & thermal store) to feed ground floor UFH (4 zones) and 5 CHs upstairs and mains pressure DHW. I am considering either MCZ Compact 24 or Extraflame LP20 (due to space...
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    Inglenook fireplace stone lintel

    Hi guys, I have just bought a 360 year old stone built house in peak district in need a lot of restoration work. It does have two inglenook fireplaces but it is covered up with disgusting 60's surrounds so I have removed the wallpaper and plastering above it to find the original lintels and...
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    Ravenheat CSI85 problems!

    I know it's one of worst boilers you can get but I was unfortuante to inherit it from previous owners of my house. It had been behaving weird lately as I have noticed there's two different problems that keeps changing back and forwards... the first problem is, if I leave the boiler...