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    Velux Dormer Windows

    Hi, does anyone have any experience of these? I've proposed them in our loft conversion but to date haven't found a single builder who's heard of them let alone installed. Velux have nowhere to go and view them so my only reference point is their marketing material. They look amazing but nervous...
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    Polluted drinking water from Dishwasher

    Hi, I recently had a dishwaser installed as part of a kitchen re-fit. I'm not sure if this is relevant but it's a Beko DSFS1531W_WH Prior to install the drinking water was fine. Since install it's not. When we disconnect the dishwasher the drinking water returns to normal. Our...
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    Filling in electrician's chase

    Hi, I'm currently getting my flat re-wired and I've opted to fill in the electrician's chase myself - paying someone is simply not an option (unfortunately)! I've been told to use bonding and then easifill. Any tips? The electrican is going to 2nd fix all the sockets / switches. I assume...