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    Could someone recommend a wood filler please?

    Hi guys, I'm about to re oil my ikea beach work tops but there are a few cracks near to the taps in the work top. I've no idea how to repair them before I oil the work tops again. I usually use ikea oil but reading another thread it look like Oslo work top oil is the way to go so think...
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    advice putting up a garden fence please

    Hi guys, could anyone offer some advice replacing my garden fence? I alreadt have small concrete post which are bolted to wooden posts and have 7ft wide panels. I have had 7ft wide by 5 ft high feather edged panels made, and ordered 3x3 inch fence posts. Whats the best way to erect the fence...
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    Need a bit of advice painting the outside of my house please

    Hi everyone, just joined the forum and would like to say Hi, I need a bit of advice, I plan to paint the outside of my house, can't afford to hire a painter at present as I'm not working. I'm pretty ok ish at painting and done a pretty decent job on the inside of our home over the years...