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    Ford Ka Clutch Repair

    I have a 2012. 1.2 petrol KA and the pipe that runs between the clutch master and slave cylinders is leaking. Spoke to Ford who say the both cylinders have to be replaced as the pipes are joined in the middlle but moulded in to the cylinders. 450 plus vat plus fitting !!!. Does anyone know...
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    Indirect tank fed cylinder installation

    I came across one of the above yesterday and there does not appear to be an open vent. The cylinder is fed from a tank approx 12 metres above the cylinder in a separate building. There is an A.A.V. and P.R.V on top of the cylinder. Have never seen an installation like this before as it just...
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    masonry damp stain blocker

    Am looking for the above for an internal solid brick wall. The wall is plastered and emulsioned, so ideally one that can be applied directly on to the existing emulsion. The source of the damp has been eliminated. Thanks
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    Loose Patio slab

    I have 1 loose slab in the middle of a large patio. I've lifted it and the cement base is in good condition but approx 3 inches thick. Rather than trying to dig out the existing base and risk loosening or damaging the slabs around it. Is there a construction adhesive I could use to simply stick...
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    HD Media Player

    Evening all. Am looking for one of the above to watch films from an external hard drive or memory stick. Don't want one that streams. Several options on Amazon. Any recommendations ?
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    Windows 10 Caps Lock Issues

    The caps lock on my desktop has started acting up. The first time i change from caps to lower case or vice versa, it changes but then won't change back. The screen padlock indicator changes but the letters do not. I have tried holding the shift key and typing but this doesn't work either. Then...
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    Norton removal. Windows 10

    Can anyone one help with the above ? I go through the removal procedure and end up with a screen saying 'preparing to uninstall please wait ' 45 minutes later I'm still waiting. ! Is this normal. ?
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    windows 10

    I have recently switched from windows 7 to 10. I have to have encrypted work files which once unencrypted, opened, modified and re-encrypted are saved to a portable hard drive. with windows 7 the unencrypted files could still be viewed by typing IM into the search bar at the bottom of the...
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    vw polo

    Got a 2014 polo and the back brakes keep sticking on after I release the handbrake. Had the shoes and drums checked, all ok. The shoes look almost new. Doesn't happen all the time. Usually if it hasn't been used for more than 1 day. Any suggestions ?
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    volkswagon polo

    Evening all. Got a 2014 polo and the back brakes keep sticking on after I release the handbrake. Had the shoes and drums checked, all o.k. shoes look virtually new. Doesn't happen all the time, usually if it hasn't been used for more than a day. Any suggestions ?
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    Blank monitor

    Am having issues with my desktop monitor. Normally when I turn the computer on it goes through the loading process and the monitor displays the status. Recently though the monitor remains blank during the start up and remains that way. The monitor power light changes from standby to power on as...
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    chemical damp proofing

    Need to install a chemical damp course. Old house, solid brick walls, no D.P.C. Seem to be lots of products ( all claiming to be the best ) on the market. Would appreciate any feedback on what's good and what's not
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    Hi all Am looking for a DVD player that plays dvd+rw+r and dvd-rw-r as well as shop bought dvd's. Also with the facility to transfer -and+ formats to a usb stick if poss to avoid this problem in the future. Any suggestions ?
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    Evening all. Can somebody tell me what this flower is ? The plant was put into the ground about 4 years ago and up until a few weeks ago was just the green leaves. The flower in the middle has just appeared ! Thanks
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    replacing a light fitting

    Want to replace a light fitting which is wired up as the picture. The new fitting fits flush to the ceiling so I have to remove these connections and only has single L,N and E terminals. I know very little about electrics,so I don't understand why 1 of the 3 black wires,which I assumed were...
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    Have downloaded Skype twice on a Windows 8 laptop. Created an account etc but when i try to use it, i'm told i have to purchase credits. I thought Skype was free,so am obviously doing something wrong. Could i get some advice please.
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    Black Mould On Grout

    Can anyone suggest the best way of removing black mould from tile grouting in a bathroom. I've been using bleach which gets rid of most of it but 2-3 weeks later it starts to appear again. The grouting is about 4 years old. Thanks
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    Evening all Is there any way of permanently erasing selected items from a hard drive ? I've recovered some accidently deleted items which I want to keep but want to erase the other items that the program recovered. The tablet in question is a Lenovo A7600-F Thanks
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    Hardwood Floor Cleaning

    Evening all. Got a solid oak floor that needs freshening up and need some advice on the best method. It's an engineered floor (bevelled edges ) that's been down about 5 years,but have no idea what it was originally treated with. Not so dirty that it needs sanding down but dirty enough to need...
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    masonry painted walls

    Is it o.k. to render over walls that have been masonry painted ? Have had two quotes from local recommended builders. One says yes providing the walls are prepped first. The other says definitely no and all the paint has to be removed before rendering. Also,if the paint does have to be removed...