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    combi boiler reduced flow after mag one internal replaced

    I have a grant combi boiler with a combimate and Mag One fitted it the system. Recently the Mag One started leaking. Heating engineer replaced whatever is inside and cured the leak. Since then, the shower is feeble and there isn't enough hot water to overcome the cold water pressure in the basin...
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    boiler cuts out via cylinder stat

    I have a vented system with a bog standard Grant external boiler. Basic Drayton timer and room stat. Radiators all come on even if only HW is selected. The boiler cuts out when hot water reaches temp. I've proved this by turning the stat up and boiler fires up. The Grant approved engineer...
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    combimate or magnetic conditioner, which is best

    I have a Combimate fitted about 450mm above a Grant combo boiler in a very warm room (29ish degrees C). A different heating engineer to the one who fitted it 6 years ago, says I should replace it with a magnetic water conditioner as the Combimate can do more harm than good to the boiler. what...
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    permanently flooring over indoor swimming pool advice please?

    I have a 4.5m x 9m indoor swimming pool that I want to cover over so I can make the building into a granny annex for us to live in (the kids are having the house). I'm after advice for the best way to do this please. Thanks
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    Grant oil boiler only works on test switch

    15 year old oil fired external boiler has just stopped working. The overheat button is out but will not reset. There is no red light on the burner but it runs when I switch the test switch on. Can anyone point me in the direction of what the problem may be please? Can I leave the test switch in...
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    oak cladding on concrete block

    I have carpenters putting oak feather edge cladding on a standard cavity concrete block built extension. The cladding is going on 25mm battens. Do we need a vapour barrier of some kind, breathable felt or waterproof paper? Thanks in advance for any info.
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    lights for indoor swimming pool

    I want to put wall lights in swimming pool room. The wall is 2.2 metres from the pool so its in zone c. Does that mean I can use mains voltage lights there? Its hard to find SELV wall lights let alone ones that are affordable. The work is being done by an electrician but I cant contact him til...
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    How big should an expansion loop be?

    i'm laying an underground plastic heating oil pipe about 25 metres long from tank to boiler. I've been told it should have an expansion loop in it. What sort of size should this be and should it be in the plastic pipe or the copper bit that is above ground? I won't be actually connecting the...
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    length of heating oil pipe

    I need to lay a 25 metre length heating oil supply pipe from tank to boiler. Can i use 10mm for this length. Anyone please?
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    lintels over 8ft door - cavity wall

    I'm putting a set of 8ft bifold doors in a single story building with cavity walls. i intend to use a 178 x 102 Universal beam over the doors themselves. Is there an alternative lintel I can use over the opening in the inner leaf of the cavity or should i use another U/B the same. Any advice...
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    Insulation under wall foundation

    i'm involved in building a below ground swimming pool. The drawings show a concrete slab over 100mm Jabfloor and 1.2mtre walls of 225mm flat laid concrete blocks built off the slab My question is if it's OK to do this with the jab under the wall, will it support the weight? Any answers please?
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    difference between jablite and jabfloor

    Can someone tell me if there is a difference in spec between Jablite and Jabfloor please. If so, what is it? Thanks in anticipation.
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    extending microbore heating system

    my daughter has just bought a 3 bed bungalow with 8mm microbore central heating:(. its got a big conservatory thats like an ice box is there any way of fitting a couple of good sized rads just by extending the existing system? any help apreciated as Im visiting them at the weekend and would like...
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    Depth of footings near tree

    My architect has drawn plans for a garage with one wall about 2 feet from a big pine tree. Seems a bit close to me, who has the final say on how deep the footings have to be and how close to the tree? The BCO or a structural engineer? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Correct cable size for length of run

    I need to run approx. 50 metres of armoured cable to a domestic sewage treatment plant using 100 watts. I also want a 13 amp socket by the plant. Is 2.5 twin and earth big enough for the job please? Thanks in advance.
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    Unvented hot water cylinder pressure

    I had a kingspan unvented hw cylinder fitted 18 months ago. Just checked the pressure vessel and it isn't pressurised at all (no gauge fitted). The pressure at the shower and all taps is good so is it ok to leave it as it is or must it be pressurised? The paperwork left by the plumber says 3 psi...
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    locks for metal windows

    can anyone reccommend a lock to fit old metal windows. They are similar to Crittal but older with cockspur handles spur. A shoot bolt type would be ideal but the actual "spur" is only about 6mm thick not the normal double forked type.
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    unvented hot water cylinder pressure guage

    Ive just had a new unvented KINGSPAN hot water cylinder fitted by a heating engineer. It has a separate expansion vessel. There is no pressure guage, is this correct? How do I know if the pressure is right etc? Any answers please before I get him back! :(
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    san neck pan connector with 32mm outlet

    Is it possible to buy a swan neck toilet pan conector with a 32mm adaptor on top for a waste? I can only find rt angle ones but realy need the space. Any help apreciated, thanks.
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    do i need intumescant down lighters?

    I'm just having my house professionally rewired. Do I have to have intumescant downlighters in the kitchen? Is there any reg. covering them?