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    Practical advice on adding a socket to ring main

    Hi everyone, I would like to add two sockets to the ring main, specifically above an existing socket for a TV. I do not want to move the socket that is there I want to add two double sockets above it in the ring main. I understand the wiring but practically how do I extend the wiring from the...
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    Smart Burglar Alarms

    Hi all, I need to get a new alarm for my home, I have lots of smart tech in the house so my ideal alarm would be one that supported Apple Homekit for integration reasons but from looking around there don't seem to be any professional grade ones available and I'm not interested in the DIY app...
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    Vaillant Ecotec 624 + Unistor tank + Tado =???????

    Hi all, I am going to have a new Vaillant system fitted in my house consisting of; Ecotec 624 system boiler 200L Unistor tank I currently have a Tado smart thermostat and 4 Tado TRV's that I would like to use on the new Vaillant system. My installer is trying to push the merits of the...
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    What connections do I need? Kitchen Tap

    Hi everyone, I’ve just moved into a 23 year old house and I’ve bought a new kitchen tap as the current one isn’t the best. Looking under the sink the current one has been fitted with plastic compression fittings and the new tap has come with flexible hoses. What parts do I need to connect the...
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    Will Unistrut support five digital menu boards?

    Hi all, I want to install digital menu boards in my fish and chip shop. The shop is 5m wide and has a suspended ceiling so my plan is to fit two parallel lengths of uni strut above the suspended ceiling and fix five ceiling brackets from it, the total load will be under 50Kg along the two 5m...
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    Which top coat on aluminium window frames

    Hi all, I am going to paint some old aluminium window frames using Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Plus primer but I am unsure which top coat to use. I would like a flat black finish as it would be if the windows were new. What's the best paint to use for this? Thanks
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    Newbie to plumbing.

    Hi all, I am going to replace an old porcelain sink with a knee operated stainless steel sink in my takeaway. It looks fairly straightforward but the difference between a botch job and a good job is attention to detail so I have a couple of newbie questions. The sink came with flexi hoses and...
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    Where can I source hard wood from in the North West?

    Hi all, I want to build a coffee table out of a piece glass I have left over from an old desk and I want to build the frame out of quite a light coloured hardwood that will take a nice stain. I live in Warrington and I can't find anywhere locally that sells hardwood. I've looked on line...
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    What is the best clear coat sealer on painted MDF?

    Hi all, I am making a toy box for my god daughter out of MDF. It has routed edges so I am going to prime it all with Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 and give a coat of Zinsser Perma-White. I would like to pick out some details on the box in baby pink but I'm not sure which paint to get for this. I was...
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    How to correctly wire a spur from a spur

    Hi all, From what I've read you're not supposed to do this but all the socket is going to be used for is to run an LED strip light in some eves in a loft conversion so it isn't going to be used often so I am not worried about over loading it because it will only be pulling 3 amps. My plan...
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    How to wire LED strip lights into lighting circuit

    Hi all, First time posting I want to replace the florescent cabinet lighting in the kitchen with LED strip lights like these Now if my maths is correct the listing says its 36W for the full 5m and...