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    Support beams and building regulations

    Hi, I'm after some advice. My mother-in-law is thinking to sell her house and has had a surveyors report which has said that the supports in the lounge are not up to current building regulations so would have to be fixed before a buyer could get a mortgage. The work, as I understand it to...
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    Bunk beds. Taking them apart

    Hi I'd like to make some bunk beds for my kids. The issue I have is that when they are made up and then the kids want to have their own rooms then they beds will have to come apart in order to move the second bed out. I had planned to make the joins of the posts and planks using mortise...
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    Diplomat adp8322 dishwasher - Status codes

    Hi, At what stage do I open the door to see the error codes? Or are they displayed when the fault occurs and then you open the door to see the flashing LED? Cheers.
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    Diplomat adp8322 dishwasher

    Hi, I have a god awful sound coming from the bottom front right hand side of my dishwasher. It used to do it on the hotter washes and now does it on all of them. I'm thinking it could be the pump, any thoughts? Cheers
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    Sealant between window sills and windows

    Hi, I've attached three photos which show different types of product used to fill the gaps between the window and window sill. From what I have read it seems that people have confused decorators caulk with plumbing caulk. What I have around my windows is hard and now creamy in colour...
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    Water outlet advice please?

    Hi, I'll try and explain whats going on ... My house has had work done by a not to competant builder (he was sued for the work done, not by us but by some previos owners) and one of the the results of thaqt work is that now the waste water from the washing machine and dishwasher (W/D) goes...
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    Britony Combi SE -Mechanical Clock

    Hi there, A while ago I lost some of the 'pegs' for the clock on my boiler, now winter and a new baby is here I want the heating to come where these 'pegs' are missing, so rather than pull out and move a couple of not needed pegs I decided to pull the unit apart, then I realised the pegs...