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    agora business publications Scam

    I got a phone call at work from "agora business publications" telling me they had a monthly construction health and safety publication. They asked if I would be interested in viewing a free edition which I said "go on then" I gave my name and works address to send this to. It arrived as a...
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    Anyone know...

    Looking to find something a G clamp or similar that has a mouth 300mm wide and will clamp over to a depth of 300mm. Anyone know of something similar as I don't seem to see G clamps going to this size.
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    Help recognising cable duct type.

    I have no idea what these cable ducts are as there is no markings on them nor can I find any info by google. I need to try and source replacement covers. Anyone got a clue to what make they are? Made from a cement based material with fibres through it.
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    Training and certification for a cement mixer.

    Just been asked at my work if our guys are trained and certified for using a half bag mixer. I don't have any piece of paper to say they do even though some have been using a mixer for nearly 30 odd years. Has anyone done this before? What if you use different types. Thinking maybe a hire...
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    Help needed albeit not "ban all sheds "

    Help needed. I replaced my old timber garage with new and cut off the consumer unit to put back on after it was replaced. I just wanted to replace it to what was there before. A light and socket. As stupid as it sounds I look at it now and think which one was the power supply, socket and...
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    Solar powered down lights

    I have a project ongoing posted on diynot projects " replace decrepit garage etc". I have some textured white panels I would like to have a single blue down light shining down from the soffit onto each panel at night. I have googled and keep coming up with cheap deck light set ups. They sound...
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    DIY timber scaffold on a Main Street!

    Scaffold made from 4x2.
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    Replace decrepit garage with garden room inc store room

    Been putting it off for ages but the ol garage needs to go. The kids (2 & 4 year olds) recently discovered they could easily snap off sections of it and I found them one day running about the garden with large sections of it. I have a guy in his 50s at my work who grew up in my place and he...
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    Cutting block back with low vibes n no dust?

    Any answers how to cut some block back to create a new opening(doorway) sensitive electrics box attached next to and room is operational. It got me how to do it without too much vibration for box and dust for folks working in there. ( forget water suppression everything is in close...
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    Anyone used this previously? Any problems?
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    Windscale disaster

    I watched a documentary on this on " you tube" previously a television documentary. It has a number of the original plant scientists on it discussing what happened. I found it shocking and it explains the reasons why its true extent was covered up by the government until recent times. To...
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    Glass balustrade to timber decking.

    I have 2 long lengths of toughened glass excess to a new school curtain walling. I want to use it within a hardwood balustrade to our decking but wondered what folks thought regarding installing and making rigid enough. It would be a single length coming from a hedge to meet the building and...
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    toilet ceiling height

    Is there such a thing as a minimium height? I know you could in the past and maybe still have understair toilets but I was told this was no longer possible. Anyone know.
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    Stair light switch.

    Do I need a light switch at the bottom of my stairs into my new loft room. My spark thinks they will ask for this but I dont see anything for it on the approved drawings. The stair is in our living room so has plenty light in the room.
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    Flush sliding door : Rail & gear.

    I want to have a towel store etc in our new bathroom. I would like it to have sliding doors but with a door you would push in then slide. This giving the effect of a flush wall finish. I can understand how to achieve this but cant find the suitable door gear to do it. Does anyone know where I...
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    Altering drawings without architect.

    I want to add a velux to my drawings. The Building control says if I mark a drawing and fill out the building warrant amendment form it will be 50 quid to process. The company that did my drawings wants 100 quid to amend them plus the BC fee. Does anyone know if I can just do as the Building...
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    DIY loft conversion aside the electrician.

    I will try and get this up to date fast but its now about half way through. The previous post by rustyjames (loft conversion project) got me thinking I should do a similiar post so here goes. My plan was/is to build a simple loft conversion of one room by my own means. This being from...
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    What kind of insulation is this?

    I have a guy selling foiled insulation board 80mm. I cant seem to find what it is to make sure it has the same U value as kingspan. The foil is plane with reinforced thin thread through it and the foam centre is pink coloured. There is no product markings but he tells me its sheffield...
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    Focus : Shuting down?

    Always bad news but Homebase and Focus trying to get into the the B & Q market is going to be a battle. Focus shuting though seems like a bit of a take over. They advertise big style their shuting down, a mate phones me saying go there for your loft flooring if your lucky and anything is left :D...