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    Integrated Hotpoint Dishwaser lights flashing & beeping [VIDEO]

    Hi, My Hotpoint integrated dishwasher has started beeping and flashing all it's lights whilst running. As far as I can tell it's still running during a cycle but has a pattern of beeping and flashing the lights. I've had a google to see what it could be but results only talk about 3 lights...
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    Which plasticiser to get for pointing patio?

    I’m about to re-point my patio but unsure which plasticiser to buy. I looked on Screwfix but not really sure the difference between them all. Any recommendations greatly...
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    Help! Double glazing manufacturer run-around?

    Hi all, We had some windows and doors fitted 6 months ago and have condensation ever since when there is a cold night. The walls were built during the hot summer we had last year so we don't believe there is any moisture in the bricks etc that need settling. The manufacturers have been very...
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    Remove basin tap in very tight space

    I’m trying to do a 5 min job and it’s proving to be a massive PITA. I’m try to undo the tap nut under the basin but now realise it’s very tight and wondering how the hell they managed to install it. I’ve tried undoing it with a basin wrench but discovered that’s only useful for unscrewing the...
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    Wiring one and two way two gang switch

    I have a two gang switch, one switch is a one way and the other is a two way. When I unscrewed the old one from the wall one wire fell out but I couldn't work out from where so that was a bit scary. I've wired it up what I thought was correct but it's tripping when I turn the fuse back on. On...
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    Wiring two way switch

    Hi, I have some basic questions trying to replace a two way switch (a landing light where there is a switch at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom) Currently there is 2 live wires, 2 neutral wires and another neutral wire which I assume is a loop wire? In my new switch do I put: 1)...
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    Wiring one way light switch

    Hi, I've bought a new light switch and have some basic questions. As you can see from the photo we have old style colour wiring. 1) Red goes into new switch marked L1? 2) Black with red sleeve goes into N/LOOP? 3) Earth stays as it is wired into the metal back box? Thanks
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    Masking tape recommendations

    Do you have recommendations for masking tape? I see 3M/Scotch do some but was hoping some pros here would recommend anything. Ideally not too sticky. Thanks
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    Wallpapering and finishing on an outer edge

    I'm wallpapering some of the bedroom and the walls I plan to finish on will be on nibs. I'm no pro and was wondering if there is anything that can be done or I should look out for when finishing on an outer edge?? The wallpaper will finish on the outer edge and then the other side will be...
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    Shower leaking on all joints after refitting heating element

    I have a Triton Electric shower and live in a VERY hard limescale area. I took the shower apart and took out the heater element to descale it. I have put it all back together but the joints on the inlet valve, stabilising valve and solenoid valve are all leaking water. I have dried them...
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    O Ring Replacement in Electric Shower

    I live in a VERY hard water area and took my shower apart to clean the heater element. I put it all back and its leaking on the inlet and stabilising valve. I suspect the O Rings being moved is not sealing properly so I will get some new ones however do not know the size to get. Are they...
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    Wiring a new door bell push button

    Hi! I recently had a new double glazing door fitted. Previously I had a door bell that was wired from the door frame. The fitters left the wire for me to wire up a new push button. I have an 6A fuse in my consumer unit for the bell. I just bought a new push button and just read the...
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    Radiator outlet pipe dripping

    I have a radiator that has a pipe outlet for draining the system, not sure what the technical term for that pipe is but see attached picture. Anyhow it appears to be leaking occasionally. There seems to be a puddle on the floor in the morning by the radiator. Can anyone suggest what is wrong?
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    Does it matter which way round TCO wires go?

    I've taken my shower apart to fit a new heater tank but can't remember which way round the TCO went on. If I put the live wires on the relay end and the relay wires on the live end will it blow or does it not matter which wires go on what?
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    Mira Shower tripping RCD when set to High. Low and Medium OK

    I have a Mira Sport Max 10.8 kW. It has 10mm cable, a 50 amp fuse and has been working fine for 2 years. This morning I turned it on and all was fine for 5 mins and then it stopped. Went downstairs and the shower fuse and the 63 A RCD fuse had tripped. Tried again and same thing...
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    A Rated Windows vs B Rated Windows

    Is A strictly better than B no matter what? I've read somewhere that A rated windows use solar energy to increase heat inside the house however if the house doesn't get much sun is it pointless to get A rated windows? The issue I see with that is that B rated windows lose 6 kWh/m2/per...
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    Oil Heating with TRV's Help

    I have a oil powered boiler out in the garage. I have a timer control inside for the water and heating. On all the radiators in the house they have TRV's each with a green circle around number 3. What does that do because when I set it to just under 3 by a few millimeters the radiator...