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    Earth to insulated box

    I'm building a project that will open the circuit from my thermostat from the boiler when noone is home and the temperature is above 8°C using some 3.3v and 5v electronics connected to a 240v 10A rated relay board. I've got some heat resistant 5 core (so I can expand to control hot water in...
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    difficult removing upvc panel

    I can only get a scraper/screwdriver in 2-3 mm then i hit another surface of the bead at a right angle so hammering doesn't help. I can't get enough leverage to move the bead before the plastic is chewed up.
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    difficult removing upvc panel

    Hi, thanks for reading. I've removed a upvc panel from a door previously to replace, but I'm having a lot of trouble getting this one out. I've done a search and found a similar looking post, but it doesn't have pictures so I'm unsure whether it really is the same. The door is heavy so it...
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    Repairing 18mm drilled hole through blockwork

    Thanks very much, I had done a search but it only came up with minor interior repairs and I can manage those!
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    Repairing 18mm drilled hole through blockwork

    Hi, I've drilled an 18mm hole through my external garage blockwork, and done a great job - except that I now realise the hole should be about 2 feet lower... Interior doesn't matter, but the exterior is rendered. I am chiefly concerned about weatherproofing. I'd be grateful if anyone...
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    Dulux paint pod..a review!

    compact going for £8.25 at a supermarket beginning with t