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    Shavers socket constant hum when unplugged

    Hi, I have a shavers socket in my bathroom which has 110v and 240v sockets. It produces a humming noise all the time, when nothing is plugged. Please can you confirm this noise means electricity is being consumed? And if so, is it normal that a transformer consumes electricity without a source...
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    DPC around wooden door frame in single-leaf block wall

    Hi, I will be fitting a hardwood frame on a wall of my garage for a side door. The frame has been treated with 5 coats Dulux weathershield treatment all round and the wall is single-leaf dense blockwork (+lintel). My intention is to fill with expansion foam the gap between the frame and the...
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    Replace external garage window with door

    Hi - I have an external garage constructed out of single skin concrete blocks and outside rendering. There is a window on a side wall that I want to replace with a brand new upvc door. The window has a concrete lintel on top. Since the door I intend to fit is narrower and will fit within the...
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    Filling trench foundations with just concrete or hardcore and concrete

    Hi, I am building a 7x5m shed in my garden. I have dug trenches of 350mm width x 500mm depth for the perimeter, and also a central trench for floor joists support. I will be filling the trench with Concrete 1:5 ratio (Ballast/Cement) and will also use Formwork to ensure the concrete form is...
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    Cannot find suitable Flexi tap tail - please help

    I am looking for the following item: Flexible monoblock tap connector 12mm male thread at tap end, 1/2'' female BSP Thread at other end (for iso Valve). I looked online and in all the local shops, but no luck. This is the very pipe I need, not 10mm and not ending with a compression fitting...
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    Help with simple problem that I cannot resolve

    Hi, firstly, many thanks for even taking the time to read. I am looking for a product which I cannot find anywhere. It is a flexible tap connector. At the top it has a screwable 12mm connection which fits in the bottom of the tap, then the flexible pipe, ending with a swivel nut with a...