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    Unsual Torus Skirting Board Variety

    Hi all I need to replace a long length of skirting board in my lounge but I'm struggling to find the correct type. It looks like Torus but nothing close to what is available. Has anyone come across this type before? Thanks all
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    TV wall advice please

    Hi all I have removed my fire unit from the fireplace and I would like to "make it good" and hang my TV to the wall. The area is made up of a (fake?) chimney breast with brick/tiles in the middle for the chimney area. Should I: 1. Remove existing plasterboard completely, put up new...
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    Budget Garden Makeover - Suggestions please

    I'd like to sort out my parent's garden in time for summer but struggling to get this done. I know this would be great for my mother's mental health and she will love to get back in the garden. I've found a few local tradespersons on Facebook but all give different quotes and 50% deposit...
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    washing machine and possibly WC into rainwater drain

    Thank you for the advice, everyone. I'll do some further investigation.
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    washing machine and possibly WC into rainwater drain

    Hi all I'm looking to partition my integrated garage so that the front is used for storage and the rear is a utility room with a possible WC. The property is detached with access on either side and there is a rain water drain on the side wall of the garage. When I purchased the house a few...
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    Changing sink trap

    Hi all My first post here and I have just moved into my new house. Have 0 experience with plumbing. Noticed my kitchen sink trap is a mess (image attached). And doesn't seem to have an outlet that will reach my washing machine (the machine is positioned to the right of the sink). Will the...