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    Shed wiring (already connected to mains)

    Before explain all this, I want to point out that two weeks ago I had an electrician carry out an EICR for "peace of mind" to make sure that everything is OK. The certificate states that the installation is in satisfactory conditions. Once C3 observation stating that the consumer unit is not up...
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    Overboarding questions

    So... I have decided to attempt overboarding a few of the ceilings in my house. I will start from the smallest one and see if I can actually manage it and then move to the larger ones if I consider it feasible. The joists are spaced 40cm and the ceilings are artexed. I don't know if they...
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    Is this Artex or textured paint?

    As said in the title... Is this Artex or textured paint? It's in my bathroom's ceiling and it's starting to peel off. I was thinking about taking down as much as I can and see what I am left with. I thought it was artex but now that I see how thin it is, I'm starting to think it might ht...
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    Is this asbestos?

    I am investigating a dripping sound coming from under the floor and I've started to pull the laminate up. Under the laminate flooring, there appears to be this stuff. Is it asbestos or can I just carry on?
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    Matt over silk: how much sanding to do?

    Hi all! I am looking at fixing the walls that have a few nicks and re-painting all of them. All walls are painted with vinyl silk and we want to replace it with a matt finish. I am planning to sand them, fix the odd spots with easyfill and then paint. Now... How much sanding do I actually have...