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    Miele W865 squeak when drum turning at low revs

    Hi all, I've recently changed or fixed: Bearings Dampers Belt Ecu - repaired due to rinses light flashing Now after all this my washing machine has developed this squeal at low revs, at higher speed and very high speed everything is fine. I changed the belt last thing because of the squeal as I...
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    Miele W842 Washing Machine Rinses Light Flashing

    Hi Bevelsingle, The main board your looking for sits behind the front panel dial you use to select washes. It's called EL200C or D probably. Hope this helps but if not PM back if you not sorted already.
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    Miele W842 Washing Machine Rinses Light Flashing

    I would just like to thank HarryKiri and Beano1939 for starting this thread 8 years ago thanks also to incognito and others for chipping in. I followed their thread regarding rinses light flashing and I'm please to say my 15 year old W865 is now running like a dream. Originally I replaced the...