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    Laminating stairways

    very bad idea to put laminate onto stair's. Firstly it looks cr*p and on the other hand very dangerous - my friend daughter broke her nose after slipping on the laminate (wearing socks at the time) hence to say the laminate came off !
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    laying laminate onto a new concrete floor

    Just find out what mix your builder has used. It should not flake away, if you are able to rub a divot with your finger it would suggest poor concrete. (poor mix) One way is to dig down (not too far) and overlay it again. The underlay you have for your laminate is fine, but if you haven't...
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    Laying Loft Flooring - A Slight Hitch

    WAIT!!! Dont cut anything as told YOU WILL KILL YOURSELF!! These are main supports, if you are only flooring for storage cut round them - these supports are very important - ive carried out many loft conversions and have seen DIY ones - if you are not sure get someone in. DO NOT TAKE THE RISK
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    Vaillant CH keeps turning itself on!

    vaillant had a batch of boilers that were sent out with probs - i have one fitted but would never use them again - Had the same fault, and it was the diverter valve, if you are paying for this repair it not a hard repair so be watchfull.
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    broken stopcock !

    Yes you can add a stop cock after the original. When at stop cock is used people always open them up fully (esp on old ones) they should always be fully opened with a 1/4 turn back. Yes i advise you do replace the lead pipes (ITS LEAD!!) and not good for you - water board wont care as it in...
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    boiler noise again

    are you sure you have'nt got air trapped in the pump - best way is to slightly undo the slotted srew in the middle of the pump - if air is trapped it will escape - do this till no air is noticed - tighten up and fill the boiler again.
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    electric shower

    The part P for electrics now does not let you carry out mains board work. -By all means fit the shower and run the cable - you can even connect up to the pull switch normally at 45amp, and even connect the shower. Sparks will want to see the connections Make sure you also take an earth poss...