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    Loft stairs protruding in front of bedroom doorway

    I'm having a loft conversion done and today the stairs were installed. There are 2 steps then a winder coming off the 1st floor landing. On the plans the edge of the bottom step was in line with the edge of the existing bedroom doorway but I've come home to find the new stairs protruding approx...
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    DIY plastering

    I know nothing about plastering at all. If I attend a 4 day plastering course will I be capable of plastering my own walls to a decent standard or is it unlikely?
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    Double glazing installation

    I had replacement UPVC windows fitted this week. I am very unhappy with the installation and plan to complain tomorrow but wanted to check I wasn't making a fuss over nothing. Every window (and a door) has been fitted with additional strips of plastic on the surrounding walls. I.e. there is...
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    Demolishing a detached garage

    Sorry to be so dim but who would I get to demolish a brick detatched garage? Is that something a builder does? Also, how realistic is it to want to keep all the bricks for future use in an extension? I wouldn't want to pay to have them cleaned so would end up doing it all myself but think...
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    My bathroom has a false plastic ceiling. 1 panel has been taken down today to reveal a previous fake ceiling (plasterboard) and above that is the original ceiling which is quite damaged. Is it possible to repair/re-install the original height ceiling or is a false ceiling the only way to go?
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    Combi Boiler or not?

    I am getting quotes to replace the central heating in my house and so far these have all been for a combi boiler. My FIL was up at the weekend (he's a builder) and he reckons that unless space is a issue we should replace the old system with a new conventional boiler (i.e. keeping a tank). Space...
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    Boiler replacement

    I have just had my 4th quote for replacing an Ideal Mexico boiler with a combi boiler. I have been told different things by each person so wanted impartial advice. All our rads are very old but if we decide to just replace the boiler rather than the whole system (£ reasons) then we have been...
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    Full rewire

    I had an electrician in to quote for the follwing: Install electric shower Install consumer unit chop in some existing light switches (4) chop in existing sockets (9) Fit extra sockets (5) He said that it would be more cost effective to simply rewire the whole house (3 bed 1920's semi...
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    Advice for getting new boiler/heating quotes

    I recently bought a new house that needs quite a bit of work. The boiler is approx 30 years old and so far (we've only been there 2 weeks) it's heated the water up fine but obviously we've not tested the central heating yet. Prior to purchase I paid a company to inspect the boiler but they've...
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    Wooden driveway gates

    I want to replace low wrought iron driveway gates with solid wooden gates between 5 & 6 feet high. I know that I need planning permission for this but who do I get to install them? Is it a joiner or builder? I can't find any local (Leeds) company that deals with wooden driveway gates so am a bit...