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    Wall cavity / filling around new double glazing installation

    Hi all, I'm having my double glazing fitted this week, and a big part of this job was to fix the crap installation done prior to this. They have only been here for a day and obviously have to finish this off, but 2 questions that I can check with them tomorrow... In the following 2 pics...
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    Rewiring a Dimmer Switch... To not Dim!

    Hi all, I don't know if this ranks up there as one of the more bizarre questions asked on the forum... but here goes. I have just installed 6 energy saving philips tornado bulbs in my hallway. Energy saving bulbs don't like dimming - not a problem, however they are ran off 2 switches: 1 by...
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    Checking Kitchen Appliance Ratings - Safe or Not?

    Hi everyone, newbie here! Having a new kitchen installed fairly soon and wanted to run a bit of info by you. Going for a Neff Single oven, model B1322, rated @ 2800W. Neff Ceramic hob, model T1213, rated @ 6600W. By my maths, I=P/V therefore the oven is 2800/240 = 11.66A and the hob...