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    Leaking boiler ID hemp with photo

    I have a potterton promax system HE plus boiler which is leaking everytime it's running. I have ID'd it coming from this plastic container at the end of a pipe I believe. As you can see, the fitting is not flush with its plastic setting on the right hand side anymore. What is this piece...
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    Geberit toilet dripping water & tank not filling

    Help please! So for a few days, we had water leaking into the pan which seemed to come in from the overflow. then the push buttons stopped working, there was resistance and they wouldn't go in. So i flushed the toilet by manually lifting up the flush valve but the tank wouldn't refill. I...
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    Build a motorcycle ramp for a step

    First post, hi. Probably wont be my last. Just landscaped my garden so that my motorbike will fit out the back now but there is a 19cm step up in the alley to get it out again. I want to build a semi permenant ramp but have no idea how to do it. All the googling Ive done has shown me how...