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    Salsa is good!!!
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    Moving electric meter:

    Hi I would like to reposition all the old electric dial/meter and cable that comes into the house, I onli want to remove them off the board and move them along a few inches to give me more space. The electrics are veri old, would EON replace and reposition or can I tri miself??!! thanx jen...
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    Painting primed doors??

    Hi I do not wish to use oil based gloss and satin finishes seem to look plastic, has anyone out there used water based acrylic eggshell on pre primed doors and got a decent hardwearing finish that I can touch up later without having to prep and paint the whole door? Really looking for a mid...
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    water based acrylic eggshell

    Hi wondering what the difference is between water based acrylic eggshell and matt emulsion, also can I use the eggshell on wood? jen
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    legal height for plug sockets

    hi just wonderin if there was one, i know sockets these days have to be above the skirting boards, but can they be 'just' above the skirtings, if not why? lol, thanking you :)
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    total house renovation

    Hello anybody!, had the keys since friday, bank holiday weekend and I am fed up already lol!. Whole place needs gutting, 90 yr old man from Poland lived there previously and didnt spend anything on the house, bless :). However he did leave thousands of pounds and dollars in the house and a old...