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    Replacing old Kitchen Sink

    Hiya. We want to replace out old sink Franke Erica that is a 1.5 and the size is 965x500 and the hole size is specified at 949x484. I have attached an image I have strigglued to find one that is a direct replacemant with a 90mm waste (the wife wants a WDU in the main sink) I have found this...
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    Hive Install

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out the correct way to wire up my new Hive. At the moment I have just a 7 day thermostat that is wired in normal way as per the attached diagram. Can anyone confirm where I need to wire the new hive receiver into on the boiler diagram please. I was hoping to place...
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    Cannot service boiler without safety rail around loft hatch.

    We had a British Gas engineer over to service our boiler. He said that next time they come to service it there would need to me to install a safety rail around the loft hatch as the boiler is within 2m of the hatch otherwise they will not do it!! Has anyone heard of this before? Thanks...
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    Flat roof insulation - in-situ

    Hello, Can anyone suggest a way of insulating my flat roof which has no insulation and is just leaking out any heat in our living room? I'm hoping there is a way that it can be done without too much work, but i'm guessing there is not easy way! Thanks Simon
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    Cat Flap in A Wall

    Due to not having any real back door in the house and not wanting a cat flap in the fromt of the house. I'm looking at putting a cat flap through the wall in the back of the house. Has anyone ever done this before and does anyone have any good tips on how to make the hole? Thanks for any...
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    Cascade Jive Mixer Shower

    Made by Bristan. Are they any good? They are reducedm down from £300 to £99 in home base at the moment. Good buy? or are they rubbish? Cheers Simon
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    Baxi 133 HE Plus

    Has anyone ever had any experience with one of these? Are they any good? Just im possibly interested in one due to the farily decent hot water output it gives (16 l/min) So any pro's and con's would be great. Thanks Simon ________________________ moderator please note 1a
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    Ariston GENUS 30 PLUS

    Does anyone know of an equivalent boiler with the same kind of hot water flowrate as this boiler (21.2 l/min)? Or does anyone know if Ariston are looking to upgrade this boiler? Just this was the one we were looking at getting and are now told that it does not comply with all the new...