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    sticking a large mirror to my bathroom wall

    Use mirror adhesive to stick the mirror, if the mirror is not safety backed then use lots of mirror adhesive so that if it breaks, it will not fall on you. You are much less likely to have any problems with it. Screwing a mirror of that size is not an ideal way of fixing and the chances are you...
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    Changing firedoor wired glass?

    You can buy a product called Pyran or Pyrobel (both brand names) it is expensive but to all intents and purposes looks like ordinary clear Glass. It is a laminated glass with a special intumescent membrane, which if there is a fire goes cloudy and expands to insulate the glass. It must be glazed...
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    Changing glass types in Double Glazing Unit?

    Hi, You have to replace the whole unit (just the glass and spacer, not the whole window) those units should be about £14 each in a pilkington pattern. If you have a rubber gasket sticking up about 1/4" on the opposite to the beads, remove this first with a wide bladed screwdriver or some...