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    what shower tosuit worcester 24cdi comi boiler?

    take it your cold feed is mains, i would look at an electric shower. That way you havent got the balancing issues between hot and cold, plus you still have a hot water option if your boiler breaks down. aqualisa...
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    Boiler in Loft - not comi?

    there is no reason you cant, need to check flue clearances obviously. How old is the boiler? need to be sure that you can get replacement flue components otherwise the shouldnt be attempted because you will damage the old ones when you remove them. Should still be able to pressurise the system...
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    Copper Pipes in Screed

    Denzo tape would be usual to cover pipes in screen etc. if the copper is coated then there is no need... Would not worry about expansion etc, Your not talking about a large enough space...
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    Radiators cold at the bottom.

    That sounds promising, the only other thing I can think of is that the water is going through those rads far to fast... Need to squeeze the valves right down to slow the flow... It's unusual for this to be the cause but I've had it happen a few times... If they are budget rads might be worth...
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    Can't isolate an upstairs toilet

    Could just do it live if it's only off tanks the pressure won't be to scary... Cut pipe, thumb over end, pushfit isolator... Done.
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    Radiators cold at the bottom.

    Simple, build up of magnetite/sludge.... Guarantee it wasn't flushed properly so that they could get on with lashing in the boiler... Sorry to say. Best thing you can do is pull the rads off and flush each one through with a hose...