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    masonry drills

    hmmm, i did that once, thought it was just a bit of metal, so out came the hss bit then BANG! the metal was the protective covering of a cable.
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    where can i get some big enough trunking for 10mm T+E that curves round a corner?
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    Removing mouldy old bath sealent and replacing tips?

    cut off as mush old sealant as possible then use the little blocks of floristry foam to remove the tiny bits. Use to do that for aircraft fuel tanks so it should work on baths
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    very nice 8)
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    boiler is from the dark ages... they always have problems getting spares so i dont think manufactures warranty is a issue. Also we rent fro HA and have seen other houses that have been, just wanted to check it was safe and what to use.
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    is it possible to paint the outside of a boiler? if so what paint?