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    Extending, where to start?

    Hi Sorry if this is the wrong section to post in. We are talking about a rear extension to our mid terrace 1950s house, the gardens are 150ft long so lots of potential space. I have done lots of renovation so far but talk of a 3rd child means a potential move or extend our 2.5/3 bed house. I...
  2. J

    Workshop - internal cladding

    Hi A few years ago I built a workshop in my garden. I cladded the inside with (cheap), warped soft plywood and painted. The goal was to have nice smooth walls. Over the last year the wood has shrunk dramatically, leaving cracks in the joints. I am also not happy with the finish, the knots in...
  3. J

    Drywall, when to scrim tape?

    Hi I am installing plasterboard that has a tapered edge. Do I put scrim tape on first, pushing into the taper or apply filler first to bring the taper level up, then tape? Thanks
  4. J

    DIY Workbench - Mild Steel?

    Was planning on building a workbench for my workshop. I had planned on:- 1) Sandwiching 2 sheets of 18mm MDF together. 2) Build a frame from CLS 3) Skinning the top in some form of metal sheet 4) Edging the top of the bench with pine. Is there anyway I can treat mild steel to maintain the...
  5. J

    Multiquick - OLD toilet!

    Hi I have finally got round to looking at renovating the bathroom in our 1950s house. The whole thing is disgusting! Anyway, I wanted to fit a mutikwik and flexible braided hosing for the cistern. Sorry if you are eating your breakfast, its no pleasant! Will I have to cut back this pipe? It...
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    Workshop floor.

    Not sure if this is the right place. Sorry if its not (its kind of a shed) I have been building a large workshop since June, its a 9m x 3m wooden building. I have dedicated 3m of it to a clean room for 3D printing and CAD work. I have carpet this section. The main "dirty" section is raw OSB. I...
  7. J

    Workshop battening - stud walls

    Hello Im currently build my new (first) workshop. I have a frame up that I am about to skin the outside of with OSB. I then plan to wrap this in a tyvek membrane, batten over the membrane so I have an airgap then I can nail my shiplap cladding to the battening. What horizontal spacing should I...
  8. J

    Membrane for workshop

    I am looking at various membranes to wrap my workshop in before cladding it with shiplap. The external skin of the stud walls will be OSB, with some form of membrane, battening for an air gap, then cladding. What membrane do people recommend? Can the membrane also be used to cover the roof to...
  9. J

    DIY Workshop - Stud walls?

    Hi I am currently designing a workshop for my back garden. Footprint is 7m x 3m with a height of 2.5m (pent roof). Was planning on building a 4x4 timber base frame (which will sit on an appropriate concrete base) and creating 3x2 stud walls that I can screw into the 4x4 base frame. Plan was...
  10. J

    Workshop - 16mm armoured from consumer unit?

    Hi Im currently designing a workshop to sit at the bottom of my garden. The run from consumer unit to the workshop unit is ~25 to 27m. I will be using CNC machines, small tig welders and large compressors in the workshop (not all at the same time) as well as lighting, a computer etc. I want to...
  11. J

    Paint for behind wood burner

    Hi My fireplace has been rendered in cement. I want install a woodburner. What paint should I be using? Thanks
  12. J

    Audio cable 6-10m?

    Hello I have a long living room, its 6.3m long. The TV and amp are at the far end. I am having a mains ring put in, and the floorboards will have to be lifted. While they are up I wanted to run some audio cable to the other end of the room so I could put additional speakers in. What is the...
  13. J

    Lifting then re-fitting NEW carpet

    Hi Sorry if this question has already been answered, I could'nt find anything. I recently had new carpet fitted (4 months ago) and am getting some electrical work done which means I will have to lift it to get access to the floorboards underneath, bad planning, I know. How easy will it be to...
  14. J

    Can I still add a spur off a ring?

    Is adding a single spur from my living room ring notifiable work? I just wanted to add a single socket but have been told that the regs around this kind of work may have changed recently? I cant find anything that says it has changed but thought I should check here to confirm. Thanks
  15. J

    Scary black box under my floorboards!

    What is this:- IMG_20151031_152334543 by Joe2003 posted 5 Oct 2016 at 9:25 PM I am assuming its something to do with the one and only mains ring in my house, in the upstairs. I have a reasonable idea of what a ring mains should look like, but now this has confused me. After taking this photo...
  16. J

    12v downlights - mains plug?

    Hi We have a small room that has no mains lighting in. If I was to put 2-4 12v downlights in, could I wire the transformer up to a mains plug (and still conform to Part-P???), or would it have to be hooked into the main lighting circuit? Thanks