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    Vaillant Hot Water Short Cycling

    Hello Posted another thread about annoying noises from hot water system. Think I've now narrowed it down to expansion. And repeated expansion as boiler short cycles, pipes cool, reheat, expand, repeat. Vaillant 418 boiler. Working fine on CH request, previously throwing S.53 states but is not...
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    Cold water tank refill noise

    Recently had a problem with our ball cock in cold water tank. It wouldn't shut off and consequently went to overflow, turns out the overflow was poorly installed so we had a nice leak onto the loft floor! Replaced ball cock and refitted overflow pipework so it should now seal. Have a new noise...
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    Hot water noise, tapping / knocking

    We have a conventional boiler system, small tank in the loft, hot water cylinder in upstairs cupboard with pump and Y port valve and boiler downstairs. Earlier this year had new timer / control unit fitted, new Y port valve, new pump and new hot water thermostat. Since the beginning of this...