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    Anyone know what socket this is under my stairs?

    Does anyone know what this old (BT?) socket under my stairs is? Its got a cable going to/from it and both disappear up into the ceiling under the stairs. House is mid 80s build. I've read this can be the master socket but my master socket is in the hallway. I don't know if its active as I don't...
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    Big gap at bottom of double pvc doors

    Apologies in advance as I know this is a common issue. I did search previous posts and it gave me some things to try but i'm a bit stuck. My kitchen has double pvc doors leading to the conservatory. The right hand door has a gap at the inside bottom, big enough to see through. There is no...
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    Help with old alarm

    I've just moved into a property with a house alarm. Previous owners did not leave any information or manuals other than the code to activate/deactivate. Hoping some of you guys, with years of experience, can help me with the following questions; 1.) Can anyone identifiy what alarm this is so I...
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    Plans approved and Two Month Date meaning.

    Just browsing building regs on the council's website. Noticed that most things have a "Five week date" and a "Two month date" What are these please? I assume they are dates of inspection? But google does not help much here. They could be some kind of deadline dates? Also, the different...
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    Existing single storey extension to double storey

    Hello, Complete novice/diy'er here, so apologies in advance for any stupid questions. Current house has a small single story extension which was built to lengthen the kitchen. It has a slopped roof. see first picture below. I'd like to build on top of this as per second picture below. This...
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    wood effect varnish on outside doors.

    Hi, I have 3 outside doors which are painted white and need a refresh. I was hoping to actually not paint them white but get a high sheen varnish wood effect going. I'm completely unsure if this is possible as don't know what type of wood the door is made from, could be some cheap MDF or...
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    Lines on wall in updstairs bedrooms

    Hi, I've noticed that the bedrooms have 'lines' on the walls.... I think that this might be the timber frame inside of the wall showing through the plaster? Alternatively it could be where the plasterboards are joined together? This is in every room upstairs but not downstairs. Is...
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    Do I need this vent?

    Hi, I have this large vent in my kitchen. Is there anything stopping me from filling it in? I get wind coming through the vent and I have no privacy as its like having an open window that I can't close. I'd like to stay in line with building regulations/laws in case I sell the house in...
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    shutting off water - combi boiler heating system

    I need to repair a downstairs toilet. This does not have an isolation valve so I need to shut off the water at the stopcock. Am I ok to do this with my combi boiler? Or will it mess with the system? As i'm not sure if these are pressurised/sealed. Its a Worcester-Bosh 28i. Thanks
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    crack under window

    Hi, I've recently been decorating and removed wallpaper to find this deep crack under the window. I've looked out of the window and the brickwork looks fine with no cracks or gaps in the mortar. The wall has no other cracks, not even hairline. The house was built in 1968 and the double...