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    Corroded BBU heat exchanger

    Hello, I serviced my mums BBU today. It's a baxi bermuda, which hasn't had a service for two years. The heat exchanger isn't in great condition, it is corroded on the right hand side and has sagged, as you can see in the picture. My opinion is that it might be better to replace the boiler...
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    Update on WB danesmoor

    Hello, Fixed it :D New motor and pump, and it's running sweetly. Only took me urm.... 12 days :o
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    Oil burner motor

    Hello, Does anyone know what motor the electro inter b9b burner takes? Or where on the web I can find out. I stupidly didn't write down the part numer when I was at the job. Cheers.
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    Worcester danesmoor

    I've been to a danesmoor 15/19, the motor runs but I couldn't hear the fan, it then goes to lockout. I thought the fan was bolted to the end of the motor. Does replacing the fan sound like a good idea? Also does anyone know where I can get spares from? Thanks.
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    Sorting out an airlock

    Hello, Fitted a couple of radiators on a microbore system today. It's a vented system, and the downstairs rads are all on drops. I've filled it up, but when the boiler fires up there's a noise from it like a boiling kettle, some banging, then the boiler cuts out. The flow pipe on top of...
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    Boiler doesn't fire on heating

    Hello, Just finished fitting a bathroom at a customers house. They have an old boiler, an Ideal W wall mouted with gravity hot water. The boiler fires up when the hot water is on, but doesn't fire when the heating only is put on, and the rads get hot when hot water only is on. Any ideas why?
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    Air in one radiator

    Hello, I seem to get air in one radiator all the time. It takes about a week after bleeding it for the top half to get air in it. I have a vented system, which i've drained recently and put some cleaner in. The water was pretty dirty, and if air is getting in somewhere, I guess it'll not...
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    Power flushing a new boiler install

    Hello, Is it necessary to power flush all new boiler installs when installing onto an old heating system? Or does it depend on the age/cleanliness of the system the new boiler is being installed onto? I'm asking this because i've installed a few boilers with a plumber I work with, and we...
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    Tax relief on van

    Hello, I'm thinking about buying a van for use in my business. I've heard that I can get tax relief on it, 50% in the first year, and 25% on the remainder in the second year. So for instance I got a van for £5000 on hire purchase, would this mean I got £2500 deducted from my taxable...
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    Ferroli boiler

    Hello, I am going to fit a combi boiler, and my customer wants something which is towards the budget end of the market. The plumbers merchant where I trade does a Ferroli combi, which has five years parts and labour warranty. Just wondering if anyone has any opinions on Ferroli boilers...
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    Shower pump on hot distribution

    Hello, Went to look at a job where a thermostatic shower has been fitted with the cold supply from the mains, and the hot is tank fed. The shower never gets warmer than luke warm. There is a tile floor in the bathroom so it's not and option to re run pipework. Would it be plausible to fit a...
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    Oil boiler not firing up

    Hello, Did some work today on an oil heating system. Fitted two rads in a bungalow. On filling the system back up some of the rads took a while to fill, so I put heating on to get the pump running. All the rads now bled fine, and system filled ok. However, the boiler doesn't seem to fire up...
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    Blockage in shower waste pipe?

    Hello, I've fitted a shower, and when i'd fitted the base I poured a bucket of water down it to check there were no leaks from the trap. No leaks, but the water took ages to drain away. I asked my customer, and he said the previous shower was like that. Would anyone suggest putting some...
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    Adding a radiator on microbore

    Hello I need to add a radiator onto a microbore system. Do I need to find the manifold, and add it there? Or is it a possibility to tee it off one which is on the back of the wall to the proposed new rad? Cheers.
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    Skimming walls in old house

    Hello, I've just bought a house built in 1900 in need of modernisation. I'd like to get all the walls skimmed so I can have a smooth finish for painting. The walls have the original plaster on them. Is it feasable to skim over the top of this plaster? Or would it be necessary to chip it off...
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    Programmer and/or motorised valve fault?

    Hello, Went to do replace a radiator, and while I was there the customer said his programmer wasn't working. It's a vented system, with a baxi solo boiler, and potterton programmer and motorised valves. Anyway the programmer fires up the heating and hot water, but when it comes to the end of...
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    Sub contracting wages

    Hi, I've been doing some sub contract work, and was wondering what the going rate was for nottinghamshire area. I'm not a gas installer. The work is flood damage work, and it's fitting bathrooms, re piping heating etc. I was just wanting to make sure i'm getting the going rate roughly...
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    Shower pump

    Hello, A question regarding the installation of a shower pump. I am planning to install the pump on the floor next to the cylinder. The pipe runs will then go up 2 metres into the roof space, and across appoximately 3metres, then drop 1metre to feed the shower. Does this sound like it's...
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    Back boiler to combi conversion

    Hello, Just a question regarding converting from a back boiler to a combi boiler. The back boiler has gravity circs and a pumped central heating circuit. The gravities are in 28mm, and remain in the airing cupboard now the cylinder has been taken out. Is the any reason why I couldn't join...
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    Combi install

    Hello, I've bought a house which i'm renovating. It has an 15 year old semi gravity system with a back boiler. I'm planning to take this out, and replace it with a combi boiler. I have a gas fitter who is going to commission the boiler, and make all the gas connections for me. I am going to be...