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    Mother in law's bath tap valve

    Hi all, Just after a little pointer towards a new tap valve for my elderly mother in law. The hot tap on her bath filler is only capable of a dribble and I suspect it needs a new valve. I've said I'll fix it when I go round on Saturday so I could do with getting the part tomorrow. If it was...
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    Ariston Microgenus 31 - DHW Flow Sensor problems

    Hi all, just after a little advice on a DHW flow sensor problem I'm having. I've noticed recently that the kitchen hot tap needs to be turned to approx half of full flow before the boiler ignites and heats the water. I'm certain it used to turn on at a lower flow rate. Additionally, we...
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    Worktop join problems - Something wrong with setup.

    Help! I'm doing the worktops on my kitchen extension and something is wrong with my setup. I've done loads of practices and every one comes out with a gap on the radius of the join. You can see what I mean in these pics ==> 20200406_194655 by Get_Army posted 7 Apr 2020 at 5:05...
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    Removing ridges in screed ready for tiling.

    Hi, I'm building a kitchen extension. On the existing half of the kitchen there is the original screed which is nice and flat. I've screeded the new half of the kitchen and utility room. I'm generally very happy with the levelness that I've achieved, however there is a small ridge across one...
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    Ariston Microgenus 31 - Diverter Valve Repair

    Hi all, I was hoping for some tips from those who have done this before. Can I also say that I'm only up for DIY on the water side of the system. I don't think any of this will involve the gas side but if it does then rest assured I'll be on the phone for a pro. My boiler died yesterday -...
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    Extension / Garage conversion - Screeding questions

    Hi, I'm looking for some guidance with a screeding task I have to do in the next couple of days. I'm self-building a corner extension to the side of my kitchen and rear of my garage and also converting the rear 2m of the garage to a utility room. The existing kitchen floor level is around...