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    Wall composition

    Just purchased a new house and started doing some renovation today. I'm a plasterer by trade and in my t8me I've seen walls made of all sorts, hay etc. Today I've come across something I've never seen. Whilst coming up with a cunning plan to pinch a tiny bit of bedroom to fit a staircase...
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    Loft staircase query

    Im currentlt In the process of renovating a new house and one of the things that I am intending to do is the loft. Now I know the regs regards head height etc for the new stairs going up into the loft which is fine I can just about manage to fit the stairs and gain the height needed where I...
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    Glow-Worm 24cxi no hot water and leak help

    After getting up this morning to no hot water I've been poking around having a look to see if I can see or diagnose a problem. Whilst looking i seem to have found a small leak as well and I'm not sure if it's related or not. Symptoms : - No hot water - Very Luke warm for first few seconds -...
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    cabinet door hanging problem

    I have 2 cabinet doors to hang just bog standard 22mm mdf panel The first went on fine the second however is giving me grief I'm using those flush hinges that don't need recesses. The problem is the problem door once hung springs back when you close it the hinges feel a bit tight as...
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    glowworm 24cxi problem please advise

    Recently had to drain the system a couple of times to fit a new rad after a bathroom refurb Friday night I drained down and refilled but noticed it took longer than usual to re fill and pressurise (From the filling loop) Anyway I got it to 1.5 bar and run the heating up then bled the rads...
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    vinyl cushion floor quick cutting question

    Right have some sheet vinyl flooring for the bathroom to cut. Problem I have is I have had to buy a very wide roll for a small space (wood planks) to get the planks running the right way. I have nowhere to actually roll it out to cut the roll to correct width so I need to cut it to rough...
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    basin mate problem

    Fitting a new basin blight a basin mate because it wouldn't seal Now following the instructions and everything as it should be the foam white washer that goes topsode between waste and basin just won't seal al all Any tips?
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    hepvo question

    Due to needing to connect bath and basin waste together which I know is not as good as separately run waste but I have no option. I basically was going to fit anti vac traps to stop siphonage and smell issues but I have the opportunity to fit some hepvo valves as I have been offered them...
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    unlevel dilema

    Got a bit of a strange one here Re doing a bathroom (my own not a customer's) and I have a bit of a strange issue Currently battoning ceiling out for new boards and getting everything square and plumb as much as I can for floor to ceiling tiling I leveled the ceiling and it looked...
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    need some help regarding pipework

    Re fitting bathroom and replacing rad with a suitably sized towel rad It's staying along the same wall as the existing rad was but slight different location The wall is a timber stud wall so the plan was to bring the pipes up in the wall and run to rad using angled valves BUT...
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    chase depth advise

    Due to receiving a larger than expected or advised shower valve I need to know if I can chase a 30mm deep 50mm wide channel in a double brick wall that does not have a cavity between Thanks
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    concealed mixer help required

    Currently refitting my very small bathroom and have purchased a concealed theemostatic mixer and head kit Having spoken with the company regarding recess clearance before I purchased (space is at a massive premium) to make sure I could do what I wanted I was assured the recess needed was...
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    Might be a daft question but may as well ask

    Finally getting my nads in the move to do some odd jobs that need doing and one thing that's been bugging me for a while is radiator placement I'm seriously considering totally removing the kitchen radiator as it's a very small kitchen and it couldn't be in a worse place In turn the...
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    Unexplainable 3x2 across roof joists

    After a bit of advice. Not sure if this is the right section or not I am building some cupboard starage into a already converted attic room Everything is fine and sorted but there seems to be an unexplainable 3x2 sat across the roof joists at an angle which will make boarding the floor...
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    Cupboard door Frame finishing ideas

    Moved on to stage two of creating some cupboard space into a already converted loft (haven't a clue why there was no thought about storage) I have made an ideal opening to get a couple of doors in to give full access to the whole of one side of the unutilised space My question is...
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    Window ledge options

    Just replaced a rotten window in the attic (dorma) As with everything UPVC when the window came in was the exact height Anyway I have fitted the window without issue but to get the window in properly meant i have had to sit it on a 2" timber The problem I have is the window now sits...
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    Issue with rad trv

    Need a bit of guidance we had central heating fitted a few years ago now, but I now have an issue. The tit who fitted it has put the valves on the kitchen rad right next to the washer. The washer now needs replacing but because the trv and drain point are so close to the washer I cannot remove...
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    How to finish cladding around window

    I have successfully fitted a replacement dormer window I have also clad the sides to match the window But am having a problem trying to sort out the trim from the window over the wooden frame to meet the side cladding I have used hollow sofit boards and edge trim to clad the sides now on...
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    Dormer window replacement help/advice

    Hi guys right need a bit of help please I have a flat roof dormer in my attic constructed in the 80's typical build studded frame and plasterboard the window is old wooden and rotten so will be replacing it I have the replacement window upvc type And I have only just noticed this issue The...
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    Dormer attic window repair help

    Hi guys right need a bit of help please I have a flat roof dormer in my attic constructed in the 80's typical build studded frame and plasterboard the window is old wooden and rotten so will be replacing it I have the replacement window upvc type And I have only just noticed this issue...