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    Wood burner with upstairs chimney breast removed?

    Good points @bernardgreen @Tigercubrider There is a chimney breat in the ground floor, but it has been boarded up. The bedroom chimney breast has been removed altogether. A metal pipe going through the upstairs bedroom, would not be desirable..... That is why I was trying to see, f I can have a...
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    Wood burner with upstairs chimney breast removed?

    Property: Victorian Room Kitchen / Diner Is it possible to install log burner inside a fireplace (which was sealed up in the 1970s or 80s). The chimney breast in the kitchen diner. There are wall cabinet on the chimney cabinet as well as a breakfast bar. Is is possible to keep the existing...
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    Family member built loft extension without permission / building reg

    A family member build a loft extension. It has stairs leading up to it. The door has been cut diagonally (is this normal?). I have told them they should have applied for PLanning Permission (if appropriate) and Building Control. IT is n't a dormer, but it has windows a the back of the roof...
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    Quick books

    The problem with Quickbooks is that you need to pay a monthly subscription. They got rid off the desktop version. If you try to install you will struggle. Then you have Making Tax Digital, which is forcing to use newer accountaing software. I hate the subscription model as you keep paying over...
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    Can we use an in wall extractor instead of an over hob extractor hood?

    IKEA are selling a hob with in integrated fan in one. It is designed to have nothing on the top.
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    Power end off - but nothing got triggered

    Title Correction: Power went off - but nothing got triggered
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    Power end off - but nothing got triggered

    This is a strange one has it has baffled me. I have a consumer unit, with single RCD (and 6 or 8 way). I had outage (everything went off - lights sockets). I Checked the RCD, the on/off power, the individual fuses. Nothing had flicked. I noticed to turn the power on and off. And the power...
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    1960s Copper waste leaking

    And not on our yacht in the Caribbean. I have the greatest respect for you guys. Unsung heroes. Can you send us a picture of how the condense joins the waste I am enclosing the photo of the area under the sink. The condensate is coming in from the left hand inlet (not shown). The washing...
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    1960s Copper waste leaking

    If its been run into the trap of the sink via a washing machine outlet then yes maybe. That is exactly how it has been done. You guys are smart :-) Cutting a section of the damaged copper is easy, but if the entire section is to be replaced, it is very hard as the wall has to be broken to get...
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    1960s Copper waste leaking

    Surely, it would have diluted with the sink and washing machine waste?
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    1960s Copper waste leaking

    Thank you so much. Now I have a problem. This copper pipe goes into th main council waste, which is inside inside the well, which will need to be broken.... to get access...
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    1960s Copper waste leaking

    > Is the central heating condense pipe teed into this by any chance a bit further back ? Erm. Yes.... but much further back in the plastic section. I have a feeling I am going to learn something new.
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    1960s Copper waste leaking

    I am enclosing the photo. I have marked in red, where the copper as corroded from below and is leaking. In term of size, it is similar to a bath waste (but I have no measured it).
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    1960s Copper waste leaking

    I have a friend in a ex-council property. They don't know anything about DIY, so I am helping them. I found a leak in a copper waste, it seems it is corroded from underneath. Ideally the entire section, which goes to the council main pipe needs to be change. However, that would involve...
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    Consumer Unit for storage heaters - hot when I touch

    I have two consumer units. The consumer unit for storage heaters, which come on at night, gets hot to the touch. I am worried about this. I worry that it may catch fire. 1 - Storage - Living Room 3.7Kw (Creda late 90s model) 1 - Storage - Bedroom 2Kw. (Creda / Dimple 2015 model) 1...
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    Bath overflow pipe chewed by rats

    Hi, I have been having problems with rats. They chewed the black overflow hose pipe. See link to similar item. I had a someone put black tape, over the holes. I know it was a quick and dirty job. The fix worked for more then 18 months. It has started to leak again. I have removed the black...
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    kitchen cooker hood - need rear vent

    Thank you for suggesting ElectriQ. It has been on order however, my order got bounced to November 2020. Now received a message to say bounced to February 2021. Is there an alternative supplier, who make rear vented extractors?
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    RealTEK USB wireless adapter connects and then drops offline

    It is probably the quality of your device, even if it has a Realtek chip. I read a number of reviews and many of these type of devices have poor reviews. Gibabyte was on the best branded (I wanted wifi and Bluetooth).
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    Graphics cards

    Modern onboard (or rather on-CPU) graphics are surprisingly powerful especially if it's only required for video as they will hardware decode many popular formats. I have powered a 4K monitor, using onboard graphics. It also says " 1 x HDMI™ port 1.4, supports a maximum resolution of...
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    MS Office 2007 Disk To Laptop Without Optical Drive?

    I recently downloaded Home Office 2016 from Microsoft web site. It was a .img file. When I clicked on it, I was presented with a virtual DVD drive. You could try creating .iso or .img image of your installation disk and then transferring via USB stick. It is a good way of backing up your CD or...