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    boiler will not fire on demand

    Hi, i have a Firebird 90 combi boiler, been having problems with no hot water and complete loss of water pressure, have just replaced the plate to plate and fitted a new blender valve, this has solved the pressure problem as the exchanger was completely fured up, the problem is the boiler will...
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    no hot water

    Hi everyone I have a Firebird Combi 90 boiler which has stopped producing hot water the symptoms started with a lack of pressure and slowly over a week or two the hot water went, the diverter valve has been changed and still no hot water the flow valve may be next, is this the best route to go...
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    sanisplit combi

    Hi all can anyone one help on a diagnosis, i have a sanisplit combi, ie, three outlets, the pump motor is now running continuously since this morning even after reset, i have pulled apart and all seems to be ok with the impeller, would this suggest that the pump has had it...
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    sani split pump

    hi all i have a sani split pump maserator which can be a bit fickle, anyway the problem is the pump motor is continuously running do's anyone no how to fix this, i've pushed the reset but still the same...
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    sump plug

    hi all ive got a bit of a prob with a sump plug which has a torx female, prob is it has stripped during removal with the correct tool it wasent in the best of states thanks to some clever person damaging it the past, ive tried the using chisel very carefully on the edge but it refuses to budge...
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    cistern syphon

    Hi i have ive taken apart my cistern to replace the syphon, prior to doing this i purchased a Fluidmaster syphon 1 1/2- 2" complete with inlet valve i thought this would do fine anyway ive taken it all apart only to find the hole at the bottom is 2 1/2" i cant find one anywhere or a reducer...
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    Torx bolt size

    Hi, I'm replacing rear discs on my Astra 2001 (51) and there are torx head bolts holding the calliper in place, do's anyone have any idea the size of torx socket needed, or is there another way to remove using a standard socket?. Cheers Rich[/u]
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    electric steering honda civic

    hi has anyone got any idea, or come across a problem with the eps system on a civic?, occassionaly when starting up the eps light comes on and its very hard to move the steering on the last occasion it cleared its self simply by restarting the engine and it was back to normal help!!
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    inline mains inhibitor

    Hi all i want to fit an inline mains inhibitor of some sort, mainly to protect the boiler heat exchanger having had to pay for a replacement which was not cheap there seem to be many different types out there was hopping someone could recommend one i would prefer a longlife product if not to...
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    wallpaper has pulled paint off wall

    Hi, i have removed some wallpaper of a very large wall and unfortunately the paint on most area's has come off with the wallpaper, some clever person did not seal the plaster before they wallpapered, the finish plaster is very good so i would like to repaint, the question is if i were to use a...
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    Ring main cable

    Hi, im having to move a twin wall socket due to its position and need to move it along the wall, but ive found the cable to short to allow me to do this, the socket is on a partion wall ie hollow plaster board the feed comes from the loft as its a bungalow, but rather than having to pull the...
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    plaster coving

    i'm about to undertake the task of putting up coving and would like a little help with the best way to cut the correct profile and angle for mainly internal mitre can anyone help me please
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    painting artex

    Hi i want to paint my artex ceiling do i need to thin the paint as the last time i tried this the paint caused the artex to split im assuming something shrunk anyone have anyideas on this
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    shower/bath monobloc

    i have a monobloc shower/bath mixer tap with the temp control on one side with a anti scald device, problem is i cannot get the shower to run at a decent temperture, is there a way to move the settings on the anti scald device, or even removing it anyone have any idea's
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    Light switch wiring two way

    Hi I'm fitting metal light switches through out house Inc kitchen I've removed switch cover and found that the back box is plastic without an earth is it possible to take earthwire direct to back of switch? If not how can this be done