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    Lean-to porch corrugated roof replacement

    Hi, I need to look at my rear porch roof before Winter set in, as the old corrugated roof is leaking like a sieve and is more fibreglass patches than PVC by the looks of it! Attached are some pictures, I want to move the gutter, it is a continuous length going through the porch at the moment...
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    Exposed stone wall (internal) - finishing options

    Hi all, We are renovating our property bit by bit and have come to a point where we need to think about an exposed stone wall (internal) that we discovered under some damaged plaster, we got the plaster off and have painted the wall to seal the dust. The joint between the wall and...
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    NEST I going mad?

    Hi all, My plan was to replace an existing antique programmer with a new NEST heat link, and power the stat via USB. I have a Y-System with Drayton 3 way valve, and a Ideal HE18 boiler. I have a Honeywell Programmer and wiring centre. The existing programmer works the valve well, connections...
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    Raised bed against party wall/garage

    Hi all. I want to place a raised bed in the corner of my garden, the problem being is that a neighbours garage forms part of the boundary. What are my options here? Can I use sleepers directly against the garage wall or should I add DPC between them? I contemplated just fencing parellel with...
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    Mounting TV to party wall

    Hi, Just moved into a new build property and I want to mount my 37" LCD to the party wall in the lounge. The TV & mount weigh roughly 25KG. There is 15mm plasterboard followed by a 15mm gap and then there is the block (not brick) party wall. What would be the best way to affix my bracket and...