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    Replace and move NTE5c master socket

    Hi, I need to move a master socket that enters via the top door frame. Currently connects via external black cable to a BT connection box and from this white cable runs down the doorframe to the master socket. Black green white orange from external cable This connects to orange green brown blue...
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    Worcester Heatslave 18/25 not firing

    Direct wired Honeywell thermostat working. Calls for heat and hot water. Full oil tank. Tigerloop has oil. Boiler just stoped working. Does not lock out. I can hear the switch and then a gentle fan noise but no pump action therefore does not even try to fire up. Resets do nothing. Hard to know...
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    Smeg Dishwasher DWI64 Error Code E2 and PO and PC Help!

    I have a smeg fully integrated dishwasher DWI64 There was an item pushed against the side inlet, so got an error E2 I tried the reset process, switch of press P 4 times switch off wait 20s on and off again etc. Now it gets strange I press the power button, it comes up with 13 and the clock...