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  1. Thinking_wtf

    Identify this Bristan shower mixer and fault?

    Hi guys. Does anyone recognise the model of this bristan shower and have an idea what might be causing this issue when the shower is turned on? It stops when the shower is set to Off position. Many thanks!
  2. Thinking_wtf

    Insulating cavity between 2 steels

    Hi lads. I’m about to box in these steel but want some advice if poss about trying to prevent cold air transfer from the cavity wall down through the plasterboard below the steel. The cavity wall above the steel runs up to the loft and let’s a lot of cold in. I can’t afdord to do cavity wall...
  3. Thinking_wtf

    Demidekk Ultimate Or dulux for the wood in these pictures

    hi. I've had my gable re timber cladded and rendered. It's been done with a hard wood. I'm keen to use a good quality paint. Would anyone recommend demideck, dulux, sandtex or jotun butinox? The existing timer that needs re painting is the original and I think was painted with a bitumen paint...
  4. Thinking_wtf

    Suitable timber for replacing gable end trim

    should I use hardwood to replace rotten gable trim or is treated softwood acceptable. Obviously a massive difference in price and will be painted black Couple of pics of my project here.
  5. Thinking_wtf

    Do a self build orangery?

    Hey fellas, has anyone got experience or knowledge of doing a 'self build' orangery? Not really to just save on cost, but I fancy the challenge next spring. Can anyone recommend a research resource? I have a fairly large house and would be looking for an orangery sized approx 7 x 5m...
  6. Thinking_wtf

    Another old wall that needs sorting out

    Guys, I'm looking for a bit of advice on how to start tidying this room up. I've already overboarded the ceiling, now want to get the walls in good shape for a pro plasterer to come in and skim. I want to tackle the first stage of this myself in order to get some more experience and see if I...