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    Do i have to move the control unit?!

    hello all I am replacing my kitchen, i just bought a nice brand new single electric oven. I have a control unit with an a socket built into the wall. ideally i would like my new oven to live up against a different wall. the oven only has about 1m of cable with it, is it ok to...
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    can a waste pipe be connected after a U bend?

    Hello all! To drain the water from the WM, I have connected a self cutting waste pipe to the drain under the bath. I noticed the overflow from the bath is connected before the u bend. it just occurred to me that I have connected the self cutting waste pipe after the u bend. will that...
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    Cut into pipe, making a hissing sound

    Hi all, i want to install a tap for a WM. i just turned off the stopcock from my water tank, drained that water left in the pipes using the bath tap. as i cut into the pipe i heard a hissing sound, it seems to be sucking air in. it's followed by the sound of trickling water, i...
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    Water Supply

    Hi all, I am on the ground floor of a house divided into three flats. Need to turn off the water to replace the bath tap. Can't find a stopcock in the house to turn off the water in the bathroom. The only one i have found (under the kitchen sink) cuts the water to the combi boiler...
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    New Bath Taps - Can't Shut Off Water

    hi there! this is my first post after a weekend of being baffled! I bought a new bath tap with a combined shower head, I want to replace the existing taps on the bath. upstairs under the sink there is a water shut off tap, it shuts off the water upstairs but downstairs in the bathroom...