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  1. Robert Irons

    Reducing screed height - best technique?

    Ive recently been disappointed to find that the screeded floor height in my kitchen seems to be slightly higher (~8mm) than elsewhere in my downstairs, which is a bit of a bumber in terms of putting engineered wood flooring down throughtout... I dont particularly want to raise the heights of...
  2. Robert Irons

    AC and DC conductors - OK in same ducting?

    Related question to another post. I am planning a near future solar install. Rishi's £200 loan not enough to convince me otherwise! There will be a set of panels on my house that needs to run DC current to my garage 25 metres away. The voltage on the cables from this string will be approx 215v...
  3. Robert Irons

    Duct size for cables

    Morning Im hoping to get a company to 'mole' in some SWA cables from my house to my garage - approx 25 metres length. These are going to be 6mm cables with a nominal outside diameter of 17.4mm, there will be two of them. Alternatively I mioght only need one 6mm and one 4mm (outside diameter...
  4. Robert Irons

    Unvented vs vented HW cylinder?

    Morning Had a very productive visit from two separate heating engineers yesterday to make a plan to finally knock my system into shape. Likely to be going down the route of pressurising the system to ensure it works better with wet UFH later this year in the downstairs. The second guy asked...
  5. Robert Irons

    WTF is going on?

    Hello all - Some of you may have read my previous posts about my woes relating to my knackered central heating system! Those of you who have previously replied to me will probably be glad to hear that I have a heating engineer coming tomorrow to take a look... Something odd has happened however...
  6. Robert Irons

    Is my screeded floor insulated??

    Morning I have a screeded floor in my downstairs 1990 built house. Im thinking of installing underfloor heating when an extension gets done later this year. Does anyone know if there is an easy (ish) way of telling whether the floor has a layer of insulation within it? Not sure what the regs...
  7. Robert Irons

    Heating controls question

    Hi all I might be needing to get some new central heating controls set up in the near future. Is this a job for any electrician or do some plumbers do this sort of thing themselves?
  8. Robert Irons

    Electric car charger with solar

    Hello I wonder if anyone can advise me of something. I am planning to get an electric charger installed in my garage, which is around 25m from my house. The current plan is to dig a trench from the electricity meter to the garage and run a 6mm cable to the fuse board, where it will have its own...
  9. Robert Irons

    Kitchen electrics - DIY?

    Hello I am planning the build for our new single story extension which will result in a large kitchen diner type room. Half the area already has the existing kitchen, with all wiring in place on its own ring. There is also a dedicated cooker circuit. What I'm trying to work out is whether it...
  10. Robert Irons

    Boiler thermistor broken?

    Hi all. Apologies for the long post. I have been having some central heating issues recently....started after I had to drain down the system after a leak, refilled and ever since has been problematic. However I have always had problems with this system and have needed to run the pump on full...
  11. Robert Irons

    Is my heating circulation pump knackered?

    Hello all, been a while since I used the forums! My house has a n F&E tank central heating system with a grundfos aplpha 2 pump and fairly new worcester greenstar ri boiler. For as long as we've lived here Ive always had to run the pump on speed III in order to get heat to distribute to the...
  12. Robert Irons

    Sealing wooden windows - How to?

    Hi all I had some wooden casement windows installed by someone before xmas. Unfortunately couldnt use the supplier to install due to geography. All went ok - but when we had the major storms a few weeks ago water started getting in, and I am 99% sure it is getting in the beading from the...