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    Sealing the back to wall toilet pan

    I installed a back to wall toilet with concealed cistern. It's one of those pans which sits on the floor. With traditional toilets you should apply silicone around the base of the pan and that's what I intend to do here as well. My question is - should I use silicon to seal the back of the pan...
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    Filling gap around shower pipes

    I am re-doing our ensuite bathroom. Because we have a low profile stone resin shower tray with waste pipes under the floor level now (i.e. impossible access to the space underneath the shower), I did all I could to make sure the shower won't leak - aquapanel, BAL WP1 tanking, silicone, water...
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    Replace one way switch with PIR

    I have a standard pull cord light switch in the bathroom which I want to replace with a PIR switch. I bought a PIR from Screwfix (item 80538) which uses a neutral, earth, live 1 and live 2. However, there is a 3 core cable going to the old switch - I assume they are earth, live and neutral. Is...