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    Installing Nest 3rd Gen Thermostat -Worcester Bosch Greenstar 32 CDi

    Hi All, I'm looking to replace my existing thermostat (Worcester Bosch MT10RF-Mechanical RF thermostat) with a nest 3rd gen and wondered if you could offer some advice on the wiring of it? 1. I'd like to disable the existing receiver from the boiler which I plan to do, by removing the ribbon...
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    Shower Circuit

    Hi All, I've got a problem with my shower circuit. Inside my CU there's a 30A terminal block which extends the Neutral connection from the flat T&E coming from pull cord/shower to the neutral bar inside the CU. This terminal block has burnt up and in the late stages of melting..... Before...
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    Extending a final ring circuit

    Hello, Just a few questions regarding the above subject. I've read the post: Just want a bit of clarification/guidance. I want to install a twin socket next to an existing socket thats on a 32A ring in the living room. The existing...