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    fastening trusses to exsiting building

    got the roof trusses delivered for a 4.4x 3.3 2 storey extension which is ajoined to the side of the existing house so the truss follows the same roof line therefore is flush to the outer wall. How is the truss tied to the existing wall i have bolted bigger timbers to the wall before but the...
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    roof timber sizes

    I have small roof to build, wall plate size 3.9m x 3.1m it is gable to gable ended, the rafter length is 2.1m with a 30 degree pitch, is it nessacery to use a purlin or will the 38mm x 125mm rafters be stong enough without. I have used purlins on larger roofs but didnt no if they are always...
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    calculating dead load

    is there a formula for easily calculating the dead load of a building with a 100mm brick outer leaf, 75mm cavity and 100mm block work inner leaf. I have tried to calculate the dead load by calculating the weight of all the masonry work(m3)in kg then converting it to a force by multiply by 9.81...
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    using lime in cement in winter

    i was using lime as a plasticiser in a motar mix for laying bricks for a wall now its become colder im adding feb wintamix, will using lime make the motar weaker in the frosty weather even tho im using feb. I dont want to stop adding lime as this will alter the colour of the dried motar. The...
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    what do you guys think of screwfix

    considering getting some lintles from them is it a good idea, heard bad things about delivery problems.
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    cracks due to extension

    an extention is being built on the side of my house, it is currently up to just under first floor height. There are no holes knocked throughthe exterior wall yet only cut for the vertical damp proof course. However there are small cracks starting to appear in the existing house where the ceiling...
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    Planning permission for french doors

    I am building a small extension on my house which i have already got planning and bc permission, however on the original house i want to change a window into an opening with french doors to the rear of the property. At the time planning was granted this was not shown on the plans, but i am...
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    making window templates

    I want to make a window template for positioning in a wall to later fit a standard 1200mm x 1200mm window. does this mean the outer of the frame should be 1200mm x 1200mm thinking the 5-10mm gap around the window is already accounted for in the actual size of the window or are the windows 1200mm...
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    laying dpm

    hello all. when layin the dpm below the concrete for a floor slab on an extension i have come up with a slight query. the height of the concrete comes up higher than the original damp proof course on the exterior of the house. this means the dpm cant tie in with that of the houses' dpc unless it...
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    fixing joist to external wall

    Iam building a suspended wooden floor in an extension, the shortest span is from the existing external wall to the opposing wall. How do i fix the joists into this external wall, what choices do i have ? If i use joist hangers how do i ensure they are fixed securely.
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    Moving soil pipe

    Before construction of a two storey extension i have to move the existing plastic soil pipe to the out side of the planned foundations. What regulations apply when running a soil pipe between joists between floors.