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    Cupboard and shelving unit idea

    I'd Ike to make a cupboard shelf unit approx 190cm h 60x60cm. I'd be using reclaimed wood mostly pallet wood and some stairs I found in a skip. They were made from pressure treated I think size is 5cm x 16cm I was thinking using that wood for the 4 legs. My problem is the longest bits are 80cm...
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    Hey guys I have a summerhouse/luxury shed that's got a few issues. Starting at the roof the felt was never pulled under and the wood covering that was rotten and I pulled that off a year ago. Got some flash band to put under felt and under roof. Doors needs new hinges, windows and doors need the...
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    Which power tool brand

    Hey guys I'm looking to get a few battery powered tools but unsure which brand to get. I can't afford high end stuff. So far I've got einhell impact driver, cheapo Bosch drill and hikoki drill. All battery. I have various mains powered Bosch jigsaw, hikoki angle grinders, Ryobi reciprocating saw...
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    Rotten base shed/summer house

    Hey guys, I moved into this house couple of years ago and put off a few things. It's been used to store bits of wood, bikes and other bits. I need in the summer to somehow sort the shed/summer house. The base has always worried me it sits on a slab base soaking up all the water. Today I went to...
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    Gas fire flue and door

    Hey guys my parents have moved in to a property with a already condemned gas fire. They assumed it was just the fire. They were looking at some in a showroom and dad was showing pics to where the gas fire was to go and also the flue. The saleswomen pointed out that the flue was too close to the...
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    No sound

    Hey, when I set up Freeview Humax box and a now TV box the Humax loses sound after watching now TV. It takes a lot of turning off and on to get working or leaving it over night. Any ideas how to realistically solve this issue? Thanks
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    Plants to help support the wall

    A neighbour has a Cornish stone wall and was told by a builder to get some plants to help secure the wall. The photo is closet I can get to as what it looks like. What plants, Standard alpine/rockery plants? Cheers guys
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    Mice in the utility shed

    My shed that's the tool storage area and washing, drying and freezer machine area also. I got mice. Got rid of 4 or 5 with traps. Some bait was taken. They may have damaged the washing machine so I need to get replace that and disenfect all tools and other 2 machines. My question is do I take...
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    Wood protection

    Hey, as I've said in previous posts I'm building a bike shed from pallets. This time I'd like to know what's best protection from the 2 links below or other suggestions. 2 sides I will most like not be able to protect very well but will try to coat again in couple years ...
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    Cold damp wood bought in to house

    Long story short I started to build a small bike shed just taller than the bikes from pallets last August. I managed to build the base and two walls with the easy to take off boards and stored some more. These are under a tarp so cold and I assume damp. These ones I was wondering if I was to...
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    Blade to cut nails

    Hey guys, I have around 30 carcasses of pallets left. I took the easy boards off last year now I find myself spend a couple of hours trying to break one and try keeping the boards in one length. Anyone know of a quality reciprocating saw blade that will cut through those nails. I was going to...
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    Damp on bedroom ceiling.

    There is damp on my ceiling,I've had a quick look outside and noticed that roughly where damp is the felt torn and is now hanging down. That has happened in several places. What are my opinions? If. Needed I'll get photos in daylight. When the council was putting new roofs on my neighbours...
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    Quality hand tools

    Been trying to only buy once with quality as when I can afford it. I went in to my DIY superstore and they had a few Irwin tools and lots of their own brand stuff. Ended up buying own brand as I needed it for now. Does anyone have any good trust sites they recommend? Anyone know why the big DIY...
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    Using wet wood

    I've been using pallet wood for building my small bike shed. I need to take apart a few more to make another wall, but they are wet after a downpour. Would I be ok to use them or would I better off waiting till they had few days to dry off? I am gluing and screwing them to make the frame thicker...
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    I'm building a small bike shed out of reclaimed wood. Mostly small smaller pallets. The base is done with screws. Now I'm coming to the sides and I have to make frames from I think it's single lap joints construction they will be heavily glued and screws and total 4cm deep and 8 to 10cm wide...
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    Shed from pallets

    I'm making a small 7x4.5x4 ft bike shed from only pallet wood. I'm making frame from lapped glued and screws slats so will be 3inch wide x 1.5in. is that ok? Also on the 4ft side and 7ft back sections how far should I be placing studs? Also being pallet wood what could I use to fill the nail...
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    Cavity wall air vent

    Hi guys I took the cover off the small air vent to see why not a lot of air was coming through. Found its a cavity wall and they used some sort of filler and that stopped a lot of air circulation. Now I will be putting back over the hole an adjustable vent. I assume I need to line the inner...
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    10 month old roof leaking

    We got someone in to do the shed roof thinking it would not leak for's leaking second time now. Already called him out last year and he gave some excuse of using rubber washers. I think he used some sealant and tightened some up. From the pics what are my options to try and seal...
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    wood chisels

    Ive been after some decent wood chisels for some time. Im the sort of person that only likes to buy once so looks for quality. Ive seen the Irwin's...
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    bike shed materials

    Hi guys, its that time for me to start thinking of a couple of essential outside and inside projects for next year. Project number 1 should be a bike shed. My rough dimensions are 120cm deep by 215cm long and 150cm or 180cm high. My aim to make it to be able to take it apart if we stick to plan...