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    Stainless steel rulers.

    Once again I'm looking for the industry best, I have a Rabone Chesterman 2' ruler which I have had since my apprentice days, some 32 years ago, and although I still use it, it has suffered over the years, since Rabone Chesterman are no longer, I'm looking for alternatives as good or better, the...
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    Hand saws.

    Has anyone purchased or used a Thomas Flinn handcrafted hand saw ? The reason I'm asking, is I'm fed up of the usual Bahco, Spear & Jackson etc etc etc throw away hand saws, I'm looking for quality not quantity throw away, the amount I've thrown away, would have purchased several handcrafted...
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    Garden decking.

    Hello, I'm a newbie to the forum and a relative novice to DIY, especially garden related projects, i am looking to construct a timber decking area in my garden 3.0m x 3.0m to support a hydrotherapy pool for my dog, I want the deck board finish height to be flush with my lawn. So far I have...