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    Survey to check on a builder's roofing work

    Theoretically this shouldn't be a DIY question, but it's becoming one. I've had most of our house re-roofed by a builder, but am becoming a bit suspect as to the quality of the work. He's already been back to fix some issues (twice now) and I've also fixed another issue myself; seemed less...
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    Setting concrete walked on

    Hi, Possibly a silly question... I've a roughly 18" concrete cube holding a metpost socket... unfortunately we live next to a playground where kids often send their footballs over our fence. One kiddie retrieving a football ran over the setting concrete about 3-3.5 hours after pouring it...
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    Vaillant Ecomax. Intermittent HW - aqua sensor problem?

    Hi, Our Ecomax failed to give any HW today. After looking around the net, mainly this forum, it appears the HW flow is not detected. I have checked the diagnostic mode - d.22 - it is 0 (no flow). Also the 'tap' icon on the LCD display was failing to come on. I cleaned the 'turbine' as...
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    Hotpoint Aquarius WMA34

    Hi, We have a secondhand WMA34 (it was left in the house we have just moved into). It worked a few times, but no more. The drum has stopped turning. After reading this a hefty turn with the paddles moved it. Its not entirely free though...