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    Help with creating an accurate cut with a jigsaw please

    I am designing a simple false floor for a car audio project at the minute and step 1 of this is to create a base plate for the boot with mdf. I took out the carpet and made a template out of cardboard, which fitted perfectly. I then placed this cutout onto my mdf and drew around it. I...
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    Best way/surface to cut large-ish pieces of wood on?

    I will be jigsawing and possibly circular sawing a piece of mdf around 3x4ft. I only have one of those B&D Workmate things to use. Forgive me as I am very new to this whole woodworking thing, but will that do? As far as I can work out the role of a Workmate seems to be primarily to clamp thing...
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    Do I really need a circular saw, or will a jigsaw suffice?

    Not household related, but still very relevant I think. I'm planning a little stealth project in the boot of my car, involving concealing a couple of amplifiers with a false floor I will flashion out of mdf. There are some contoured edges of the boot, that I plan to use a jigsaw on the mdf...
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    Scratching from scourer on shower floor

    I was just wondering if there was a solution to removing/masking this kinda of scratching. I took a scourer to my shower floor to remove some very stubborn scum. It did the trick but now the floor is scratched. This scratching doens't show very easily as it has not penetrated the plastic white...