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    Replacing element in towel rail.

    The electric element in my neighbours towel rail has failed and needs to be replaced - this in itself is no problem. I believe its possible to isolate the towel rail by merely clamping the flexible pipes that feed the rail from the c.h. system - can this be done whilst the central heating...
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    HELP - volume control set on MAXIMUM !!!

    My JVC midi hi fi is suddenly not behaving itself - when you switch it on the volume comes on maximum and its not possible to turn the volume down - is this an easy replacement parts fix or does it mean end of the road for the item ?
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    NEM screw covers for switches etc

    Need to replace the little plastic push on screw covers for NEM switches anyone point me in the right direction to get some of these please - ta in advance
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    What do you call these ???

    I need to put up some shelves in garage. I have a quantity of metal shelf support brackets but need to get hold of the long wall mounted metal pieces into which the brackets fit. Thought I would try and get some on e bay but can't seem to locate any cos I don't know the actual name of the wall...
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    Cloakroom ventilation

    Currently my downstairs cloakroom has no ventilation apart from a window that opens into a porch between my outer and inner front doors - do I need an extractor or are things ok as they are
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    Probs with monobloc kitchen tap

    When both taps are off no drips - when hot water tap turned on all ok hot water and no cold (as it should be) when hot tap turned fully off and cold tap turned on a small amount of hot water comes from the water outlet - any ideas whats wrong ??
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    Heated towel rail question

    My daughter has gas central heating in her flat - she wants to replace the radiator in her bathroom with a chrome ladder type rad and also fit an electric element so that in the summer she can heat the towel rail via the electric element when the central heating is off . Is this posible and...
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    dimmer switch without on/off switch ??

    Anyone know where I can get a dimmer without the on/off switch, a link would be good - thanks
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    Does anyone know...........

    .....if its possible to buy a dimmer switch that doesn't incorporate an "on/off"switch - thanks
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    What size element could I use ??

    Got a wall mounted ladder towel rail. According to the instructions I need to buy a 150w heater element - there are loads on e bay - but I see there are also many others compatable in fitment of a higher wattage. Question is it poss to use say a 250 w or a 400w to this towel rail. The size is...
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    Two quick questions regarding tyling bathroom floor

    Question 1: Is it ok to tile over laminate flooring and if so is any special bonding material required on the laminate prior to tyling Question 2: I have some wall tile adhesive left over - is it ok to use wall tile adhesive for the new floor tiles - and what difference is there between...
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    Wood moulding to enhance a flat bog standard door

    My neighbour has recently fitted some (artificial) moulding panels to her wooden front door. Not external as her front door is inside a block of flats !) When I say artificial moulding panels, she has fitted what appears to be wooden moulding architrave type strips (glued or pinned) to the...
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    Ceiling fan with dimmer switch ??

    Thought about replacing ceiling light which currently is operated from a dimmer switch with a combined ceiling light incorporating a ceiling fan. Question are these compatable, in other words as in the title, can you operate a ceiling light/fan through a dimmer switch ?
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    Bathroom handbasin pop up plug problem

    The pop up waste plug assembly in my bathroom handbasin seems to work fine, in as much that the plug operates perfectly in either the open or closed position. My problem is that the water seems to drain away quite quickly when the plug is in the closed position. Is it possible to fit a new...
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    Black mould on bathroom ceiling

    My bathroom ceiling has been suffering from black mould for quite some time, the ceiling was previously painted white emulsion. I've used some Dettox mildew remover spray and it has shifted a lot but in some places even with 4 applications the black stain has changed to a light brown. I am...
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    Can anyone recommend a ......

    reasonably priced all in one printer, copier and scanner that will accept reasonably priced non manufacturer replacement ink cartridges
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    What amp fuse do I need for a storage heater ?

    I have a couple of night storage heaters protected by a separate consumer unit with 15amp fuses protecting each heater. I am having some grief with one heater which keeps blowing a fuse - question as the heaters are on full pelt at this time of the year is a 15 amp fuse too little or should I...
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    Are Creda and Dimplex night storage elements compatable ?

    Suppose what I need to say is in the title. I have some Dimplex stotage rads and want to know whether the elements for those will fit a Creda storage heater ?? Cheers
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    Night Storage heaters and economy 7 electric question

    I have a house that I rent out which has 2 night storage heaters - neither are working as they should although I have tested each heater by disconnecting from the wall switch and merely wiring them directly to the ring main and bingo they both work - so nothing wrong with the heaters themselves...
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    What's the difference then ??

    Just bought some Ceramic MINERAL Floor tiles - is there any difference between these and the bog standard floor tile ? - do I need to seal them after fitting (Talking about bog standard - they are to be fitted in my downstairs loo !!)